My first time hitting 2500 words!

Last Update: May 24, 2017

The Second Phase of my WA Ultimate review is out! and it's over 2500 words!

It's about the stater membership. Any feedback is very welcomed ;)

It took a while, but i'm proude of it and really hope you guys find it even a bit convincing.

Whenever i finish writing a piece of content it always feel like, here is it out now and i should start writing again!

But these days i realized that success is something that we build and maintain every single day. So it needs patience and one should probably stop counting the days and just get the work done!!

Maybe that's the realization that made me outlevel my writing skills. And maybe you should do the same guys!

To our success,


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ajones64 Premium
Almost like writing a final exam paper for school. Excellent work. Yes, I agree you should not count the days, but the content that you write everyday. I trying to write ahead so I have time to re-read and proof read to make sure it sound human and not inhuman (words I picked up from training from Kyle)
AyoubT Premium
You got that right, pal!

And I'd advise you to go for the proofread as well, i do dozens of revisions before publishing and i still find some errors even after.

Take care of your content and it'll do you more good thhan you ever thought!

Keep it up buddy ;)
susanmacneil Premium
That is fabulous!!!!

Well done!
AyoubT Premium
Susan, my dear!

You're always here to support me,

Thank you a million :))
susanmacneil Premium
It is my pleasure! It is easy supporting you.

Your drive is impressive.

All the best to you!
AyoubT Premium
The pleasure is mine, Susan :)

Your presence within my network i so valuable!

And please let me now if you need a hand with anything at all,
Just send a PM and I'll rush to your help,

wish you success and well-being :)
Huffman Premium
Awesome Job! Yes Patience will be your best friend in this industry, keep posting and never give up!!!! :)
AyoubT Premium
Great to know you liked it!

It's all about patience, and patient we shall be then!

Many thanks for the motivation, it means a lot!!

Later :)