Persistence of Focus

Last Update: April 09, 2015

Why is it that I continue to wonder off and start surfing the web always looking for the next better gig in this Market Affiliate business? I drive myself crazy! Even knowing deep down what I need to do, but no, I find the next interruption and the next thing you know a couple of hours have passed that I could have used watching the bootcamp videos. I have read many of the self help books such as "Think and Grow Rich." and others that frankly tell you it's focus and persistence in different chapters covering each.

I think one chapter should be called " Persistence of Focus". This is where I personally lack and I am really trying hard here. If there is any of you that feel the same I would love to here from you. Maybe we can keep each other accountable in obtaining our common goals here at WA. I wish everyone here the best of luck here and if anyone has any advice, I am always open to hearing new ideas and learning from them as well as sharing them :-)

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TheGrizzly Premium
I hear ya.
It can me a true challenge to stay on task. I find that I pretty much have to know exactly what I'm doing, and have things broken down into simplified tasks, in order to really be able to focus. It also really helps me when I am sincerely interesting in what I'm trying to do.

One thing I have been doing in an effort to combat distraction and increase productivity is to write out my goals for the day. A few of my goals will involve my use of social media, this way I have a plan as when and what I would like to do on them. I recently edited my facebook newsfeed to make it so I only see things I want to see. Which has helped...kinda.

Power to you in all your efforts.
All the best to you and yours.
MaryJoB Premium
I had the same problem until a friend told me about the Pomodoro Technique. If you follow it exactly,it's pretty elaborate, but I simplified it for my own use. Basically you devote 25 minutes to doing a task (especially one you've been putting off) and then take a break. But the key, at least for me, is the kitchen timer (either a real one or a little program for a virtual one) you run during the 25 minutes. It ticks pretty fast, several times a second, and for some reason that steady noise keeps me on track. I have ADHD and it's the only thing that will keep me focused on a task I've been avoiding--If I only have to do it for 25 minutes, I can stand it--right?
AVJ Premium
That sounds like a good plan MaryJo, I just might try that, thank you for that suggestion :-)
Knut Premium
Spot on, AVJ, I love the way you pinned it down and combined the two concepts of persistence and focus. How they were two words wandering off in different directions. How you have managed to focus on them both together, using your persistence. That is so clever, I don't know what else to say!
Lend me a million when you finally pin yourself down with your product, will ya?
AVJ Premium
You will be the first! Thanks again Knut, and yes I have been much better at my attention now that I have had this particular view.
KRiches Premium
Hey, AVJ!

Thanks for adding me to your network and for visiting my blog: I have another one that I'm posting tomorrow (I can only post one a day right now) regarding what I've learned here so far. Seeing this article is going to help me revise my draft.

That's one of the things that helps me to be excited about this site. I too used to look all over the place thinking that if I learned one thing at one site, then I could learn even more if I kept looking. Now I am so happy that I can spend my valuable time being productive all in one place.

I can learn how to become an effective affiliate marketer, I can market the site that taught me, and that same site will host any other domain that I want to promote! Talk about winning!
AVJ Premium
Love the reply and your so right, it's a trap most of us seem to get ourselves in trouble with. But it sure does not mean we can't beat it! Staying focused here in the WA is the correct call, we have everything we need here.

Bless you!
danbarth87 Premium
For sure, Jake! Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to talking with you soon
AVJ Premium
Thanks Dan, always want to be honest.