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April 06, 2015
Why is it that I continue to wonder off and start surfing the web always looking for the next better gig in this Market Affiliate business? I drive myself crazy! Even knowing deep down what I need to do, but no, I find the next interruption and the next thing you know a couple of hours have passed that I could have used watching the bootcamp videos. I have read many of the self help books such as "Think and Grow Rich." and others that frankly tell you it's focus and persistence in different cha
One of my biggest problems is self motivation, I start strong and eventually get discouraged by one thing or another and the next thing I know is I have given up. My new mantra will be: " I will no longer entertain the idea of quitting, I will move forward through the roughest of circumstances no matter how grave they may be". This is on me and me only, I will decide to enjoy this journey with a positive mental attitude and exude will this attitude towards others in this community as well. I be