The New Year Is More A Process Than A Resolution

Last Update: January 17, 2019

You know how you go through the motions and then get an "Aha" moment? That is what happened to me. This download came to me from The Universe and I felt a shift in my brain. Really, I did!

For whatever reason, I struggled with making New Year Resolutions. Writing down something that made sense was such a chore. I just couldn't do it. I thought I would list some goals for my business and decided my thoughts were not broad enough. I tried using Jaxy and doing some keyword search and I felt like I was off my game!

Then I tried verbalizing some personal goals, but that ended up kind of blah. So I stopped doing anything about it. I just went about my day doing things I thought I may want to do, without putting much thought into what I was doing.

I actually liked working like this - no stress, no rush to do something without having a clear plan, which is what I learned in my training prior to becoming a certified Law Of Attraction Coach. Had I continued in the vein of stressing myself to get to an intended end, then I probably would have attracted to myself some stress to an intended end.

In my letting go of doing a task that although is popular, seemed stressful and non-productive at the time, I made room for thoughts to flow to me easier. That is how I work best and I know that! I didn't need to write down any resolutions for the sake of calling them New Year Resolutions, instead I needed to trust the process of how ideas come naturally.

The ideas that I allowed to come to me effortlessly were full of more lists than I could have conjured up at the time when I tried to do so! They are enough to keep me busy all year. They really are. I wanted to share this concept of process with WA because I am so sure some WA members are also trying to figure out their plans for WA this year, but may be coming up empty and are stressing over it. Just stay on the WA site and read around, browse around and keep learning. Don't stress it.

WA family it is okay to not have New Year Resolutions right now. Please try this process: take some time to meditate, slow down the "getting nowhere with the resolutions right now" momentum...and wait for those ideas to come. Be ready with pen and paper because you don't know if you will get your "Aha" moment in an hour, in a day, at midnight, or even in a month after you slow down.

Trust the process.


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Cass51 Premium
Hi Anilise, I love those "aha" moments and find that I am similar, if it's stressing me out, I walk away and do something else to relax my mind. Best way to clear the mind. All the best, Cass
Kerjackie Premium
You're so right on that, I believe that when you stress out, it's difficult to have a clear picture, meditation is a great suggestion to adopt.
Crazyhaggis Premium
So true, no point pushing too hard to make something happen. Your mind needs to be in a relaxed state for the ideas to flow.
Atta83gurl Premium
Exactly. It makes life so much easier. Calm in one area overflows into other areas of life. Thank you!
Marley2016 Premium
I do this with many things - when I am stressed you are
going to get nothing out of me LOL
Thank you for sharing.
Atta83gurl Premium
Isn't it nice when you know yourself? I love your comment. Thank you!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Anilise.