All Roads Lead to.Home?

Last Update: November 10, 2018

I am interested in and enjoy many different topics. For years I have dabbled in making money online. Don't let anyone fool you into taking part in any type of marketing initiative if you do not know how you are put together. Getting into online marketing is not the way to figure out what you want to do. At least it is not for me. I have started probably 12 different websites about different interests...and it seems they all have lead me back home...back to me.

So I am going to focus on working on my personal blog. That is a huge decision for me. I think the reason I will be successful now is because I have learned a few things that I will share with you:

1. I have learned to trust that I am the best person to know what is best for me. We all are the best person we know have to trust that fact.

2. I don't need to be an expert in any given area. I just need to be willing to learn and research areas. The more I learn through my research, the more interesting my blog will be.

3. I can do so much with my blog and grow my blog as a business with Wealthy Affiliate.

4. I am a helper, but I have to spend time helping myself first so that I am able to help others.

I read somewhere recently how a few bloggers have gotten wealthy blogging through a personal blog. Their secret was that they blogged about something they wanted to learn about. Their interests were topics that would help them grow personally, which is perfect for a personal blog. When many of them got started blogging, their first blog posts were just a paragraph long! They didn't know how to navigate the internet and they certainly did not think about growing a blog following.

These bloggers in particular that inspired me are the ones who started with what they knew best - themselves. They did trust their limitations as limitations that were not set in stone. They grew so much that their blog grew.

Once when listening to a well-know writer, I took away from that talk that if your life is worthy living, then it's certainly worth journaling. I will re-work this phrase into a statement of my own that works for me: I want to live a life worth journaling. This is the basis of my personal blog and from this I am destined to bring my energy back to me and focus on creating a blog worth reading.

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Kerjackie Premium
Best decision for you, Atta to focus on one topic first, one at the time, I believe it's easier to start working on one website than having multiple one. Set a goal, long-term goal, mid-term goal, and shorter goal feed your website by writing regular articles and get indexed by Google, more articles, more traffic you will get.
Be confident.
CarolMeador Premium
Interesting post, Atta83gurl. Carol