How Far Have I Gone In My WA Journey

Last Update: January 16, 2018

This afternoon, I browsed on the internet again and googled my blog site, I saw my site still sitting on the no.1 & no.2 list on Google's first page! It seems I am slowly moving up and have gone far enough considering I am only at Level 2 training.

Following the WA training to the letters paid enough dividends to compensate the efforts I exerted. I am still calling myself a newbie because my first stint with WA was so short- lived one. Even then, I kept my trust on WA in the past eight years. so when I got the chance, I renew my membership lagain last November, 2017 and upgraded to Premium. because I believe being a Premium member will give me an advantage I can have an access to all WA tools available.

My second stint with WA is far more exciting for me, I have all the luxury of time and more driven to succeed now. I think the training in WA is the best because I had some experience in the past with some get rich quick and auto-pilot programs. All of their trainings were rubbish and really suck!

As I started my WA training last November, I had a feeling deep inside me that I was treading the path to realize my dream. I am in the right place and in the right direction. I know that it will take me some time to pull my WA career up but I can wait. I will not commit the same mistake that I did before.

I bought my own domain last January 5, 2017, I built my blog site the next day and when it was finished, I started writing my blog. It was a suggestion that I should post at least three articles a week which I followed. I published my first and second blogs consecutively and after a couple of days, my site was indexed by Google. I realized It was a good start. I posted again my third blog and the next day, I checked on Google, I saw my blog site on the first page of Google sitting on no,1 and no. 2 slots. What an achievement I got, indeed.

I checked it again today and it was the same thing that I saw. My site was still on the Google's first page, (how did it happen?), mainly because of WA training that I followed to the letters.

In the next three months, my goal is to complete all the trainings so I can stat monetizing my site while in the next six months will be focused on perfecting the ways on how to make a sustainable and regular income from my site.

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Trujunco Premium
Like you I had started for a short time with Wa and then got lost in a lack of confidence that the online experience was for me...(I did not even give it a chance)
Now I am back and eager to stay focused and move toward some authenticity as Web Designer/ Entrepreneur/ Affiliate Marketer.
I am encouraged by your story here and will continue to drop by to Watch and Learn. Thanks for Sharing

dlum11 Premium
Thank you for the follow! Also for sharing your adventures.enjoy the journey. Doug
MarkBa Premium
Congratulations Renato! It's a great feeling when you "know" that you're in the right place and things are working out as you intend. ~Mark
MKearns Premium
There you go. Nail down that training and then the monetization!
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Renato, keep doing what you are doing. It does not matter if it is your second time around. It is always better, because you have learned something along the way that makes the second time more real.
Astro67 Premium
Hi Harvey,
Just dropped by to say "thank you" for boosting my morale. I don't have any reasons now to fail. I'll see you around.