Hope everyone had a nice Easter

Last Update: April 17, 2017

I've just had a couple of weeks off, to spend the school holidays with our daughter. I've tried before to work during holiday time, and it quite often doesn't work - the doorbell rings constantly, or my phone rings off the hook with strange requests to go somewhere or do something, or I'm acting as a chauffeur!

I decided some time ago, it's better to enjoy the holidays together, then I don't stress out about not doing what I planned, and as a family we are much more relaxed. We all end up with our batteries re-charged and a fresh pair of eyes for whatever work tasks we are moving onto next.

Anyway, while I've been enjoying myself and scoffing loads of chocolate (and, some reflection and time feeling grateful for what I have!!), I have received a few more new followers here at WA. Yay! Always nice to meet new people on here, and I have followed you all back today. Thank you to all of you!

I hope you have all had some R&R time over the Easter period as well, and now it's time for me to get back to my normal routine - including spending time here with the lovely folk at WA.

Have a great week y'all, Mara :)

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Loes Premium
Thanks Mara:) Enjoy this second Easter day:)
Aspiring Premium
You too :)