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I'm now in my 4th year of membership here, so have been refreshing a few things - my WA Review article and my profile information for a start! I hope others are feeling that same sense of it being a time to set new goals and evaluate where are businesses are. I'm going to endeavour to use the platform more again, as I haven't been here much over the past year or so. However, I'm still incredibly graetful to be a part of this community, where there are so many willing people to help others and s
Hi everyone - hope you are all fine and well. I recently came across a project called Teddy Food, which helps support homeless animals in shelters. I really liked what I saw so have written a blog to try and help get the word out, as they look to extend the international reach of their support. There are no affiliate links to anything in this article that benefits me or my business niche, so I'm asking if you would please take a look and even more importantly share it if you feel able to.To hel
I've just had a couple of weeks off, to spend the school holidays with our daughter. I've tried before to work during holiday time, and it quite often doesn't work - the doorbell rings constantly, or my phone rings off the hook with strange requests to go somewhere or do something, or I'm acting as a chauffeur!I decided some time ago, it's better to enjoy the holidays together, then I don't stress out about not doing what I planned, and as a family we are much more relaxed. We all end up with o
After a long while, and keeping a number of balls in the air, my Site Health finally moved back into the blue today! A small achievement, I know, but it gave me a little extra buzz today. It may drop down again, as it's Easter school holidays coming up and time will once again be short. But I'll enjoy the feeling while it lasts!How's everyone else getting on with their Site Health?Have a great week :)
Just wondering how many other people are like me, and constantly feel there are not enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to do?Running a number of businesses, and not all of them are online, plus being a wife and Mum, with all the associated after-school activities, I am often prioritizing on a weekly basis what I will be able to do and what I can't get done. For me it usually comes down to doing what I get paid most for. It might sound a bit mercenary, and it does frustrate me
I hope everyone is off to a flying start so far this year. It's a bit late to actually say Happy New Year, but I do hope everyone is getting on OK with whatever goals have been set for the first few months of the year.My focus this year is going to be on the best way to leverage social media advertising, along with using Adwords to drive traffic to my sites.I use a lot of Facebook advertising for off-line marketing clients, but some of the other platforms are a less-known art form, so I will be
I've just spent the last hour taking in a webinar linked to maximizing success from social media, and wanted to share this with you:"Your value can be found where your passion intersects with your ideal customers' wants and needs"If you can pinpoint this intersection with your niche, you should do very well with affiliate marketing! Food for thought anyway, and it's inspired be to keep focusing on that valuable intersection :)
I came across some free learning from Google, which I think may help people here at WA who feel that they want to learn a bit more about Digital Marketing.I like it because by answering a few basic questions, which help frame what you want to learn about, Google will provide you with an individual learning plan that you can go through at your own pace. All you need is a Google account, which most WA members set up as they work through the lessons.'s compl
September 14, 2016
After months of trying to work on both my niche and WA sites, plus running an offline marketing business AND being employed 10 hours a week, I've decided something has to give!Our daughter recently started secondary school, and as a result the access she now has to sports and clubs is incredible. She has thrown herself into trying out as many as she possibly can - which means more running around in the car! I want her to have all these opportunities, while still cooking good meals and not being
Thought it a good idea to let others know how things are going after 9 months here.You may have seen my blog about getting a nice surprise from Amazon a few months ago, which really reinforced my belief that this whole premise really works. It may be a bit slower than others on here, but I am only at this part time and to be honest, I'm really proud of how my niche site looks now. All thanks to the great training and tools on offer here at WA!I've had earnings every month from Amazon, since May