The 3 Biggest Obstacles I Have Encounter In This Journey.!

Last Update: April 14, 2016

Obstacle #1… Finding a Domain Name, period…!!!

Obstacle #2… Believing in yourself when in Doubt…!!!

Obstacle #3… Writing Quality Content…!!!

Obstacle #1 Finding a domain name has been a nightmare for me, here at wealthy affiliate, period…!

Must keep in mind that just because one has lots of ideas and names to check out, does not mean they will be available. Even if they are available… Sometimes one might not be completely sold on the name to actually get it… Then, when one finally moves on from this two obstacles sometimes things might just happen which might be totally out of our control and one is back to square one looking for a domain name once more lol… One must learn to laugh at the ironies of life for sure, especially while on this journey…!

I am a business major which makes the following statement perfectly clear “IS NOTHING PERSONAL, ITS JUST BUSINESS.” In addition, once one fully understands this, the world of endless possibilities open up and when the moment is right the energies of the universe will come together to conjured the acquiring domain name that will rightfully be for you materializing itself when the time is right…! Patience and a positive spirit it is surely required at times like this. Consequently, I will continue to create content, do research and work on my website until I get the right domain name for my biz ;)…!

Obstacle #2 Believing in the self is the number one priority before one can ask other to believe in us...!

While building a business or anything worth of it, the road to success will be invisible or even blurry at times. While at other times, it might be so clear, if only for a few seconds before the blueprint map disappears lol. This is the reason why they say practice makes perfect, the more one practices the clearer the whole picture will become and the longer the blueprint picture to success will become permanent little by little of course.

Nonetheless, always remember that is not over until is over and if one commits to never give up and never surrender. Trust me, it might not be a road free of thorns, challenges and difficulties yet, the rewards will be completely worth it in the end… That is a promise because I speak from experience on many phases of life, which have managed to challenge me thru it all ;)…!

Obstacle #2 The process on how I overcame my fear of writing, being able to create quality content…!

Being creative, innovative, on the spot, thinking outside the box, coming up with content ideas, slogans, catchy phrases, keywords, a blueprint of your Biz, a blog, alluring, informative and entertaining posts.

I often found myself thinking about it, having so much to write in my head, as I visualized a map of how I am going to type the information and how it is going to connect. Nonetheless, thinking about it only led to anxiety and procrastination. Not to mention all the lost great ideas I did not put on paper.

Unfortunately, by the time I reached the computer or the laptop… all of the sudden my mind is blank with nothing to say… the quietness of my mind is incredibly noisy, the silence is so loud that leaves an eerie echo of an extinguish civilization for many ages ago lol…

All of the sudden I feel cold, hungry and the need to just go do something else. As I debate whether to go or just sit, there until my inspiration comes… Then as soon as some type of inspiration comes into my mind… It never fails, I soon find myself worried about the organizational structure, content quality and the guidelines under which I should be writing about.

Therefore, by the time I actually figure all of that out, my mind is back to blank with zero ideas to write about… Here it is again, a waterfall of information pouring out, great ideas like an uncontrollable wide-open faucet, it is incredible. Finally, found my way back to the computer and there I find myself steering dead at a blank screen with nothing to say…!

Gggrrrrr… its totally frustrating but after one month I decided that I was going to just write and write whatever came to mind, regardless of what it was. Even if I had to write ‘I HAVE NO IDEAS OR NOTHING TO WRITE FOR THAT MATTER. THE COW JUMP OVER THE MOON AND THE SHEEP BIT THE WOLF AS ROBIN SAVED BATMAN AND SO ON AND SO FORTH LOL” that how I started… After a few pages of non-sense journal writing, I finally arrive here at the attempt to make a post for my G+ and facebook social media accounts that I already had.

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF MY FIRST POSTS, I WRITTEN AND HOW THEY EVOLVED AFTER 3 DRAFTS…! Unfortunately, my English college teachers were right about requiring at least 3 drafts in addition to the original paper because the teachers claimed that this made the final draft worth for them to read. I must recognize that my 3rd draft is not perfect but it sure proves to be much better than the first two ;)…!

1st draft

Hello there J…!

Are you interested in learning how to make some extra fun money…?

Would $200 per month be a great extra source of income, to have some family fun…?

Maybe you would like to invest more time in order to make $300 to $500 per month...?

Probably you will like to replace your income and quit your boring job…?

Perhaps, this can be a profitable hobby for you…?

Well, what you waiting for… Let's get started free and test drive your future wealth of knowledge where you will find all the instructions needed to build your Biz step by step… Stop wondering if you could actually do this… Take 7 days off to test yourself and see if you really have what it takes to build your own MONEY MACHINE EMPIRE and become your own Boss ;)…!

Follow the link and get started, you won't regret it

2nd Draft

Need to know how to make money on-line…?

Are you tired of working for someone else…?

Then, rather than slaving your life away making others rich…!

Stop exchanging your time for nothing more than today’s paycheck…!

Dream big and expect more because you deserve it all

Give yourself the opportunity to create residual income for hard work done today and basic continuous work to keep up your financial freedom plan.

If you are anything like me, you have tried so many things without any long term success because you do realized that the little bits of missing information can be detrimental in reaching success On-Line.

All the golden nuggets of precious information, on how to make money On-Line are found here on this link

Take your time, follow the link, open your free account and enjoy all the privileges of this powerful information along with 2 free websites to get started.

Here is the link that could change your life… I definitely changed mine, sign up and I will see you there soon ;)…!

3rd Draft

Have you ever dream of making money On-Line…?

Well, follow me and let's get started ;)…!

No worries it is FREE…


Sign up and open your own FREE FOREVER account

Take advantage of your 2 FREE WEBSITES

Get started… Build your website… Follow the directions

Start making money for FREE TODAY…!!!

If you have knowledge but need connections, THIS IS FOR YOU TOO…!


Took about 3 hours lol between post draft #1, #2, #3 but you can definitely tell the big difference between the drafts. So, just start writing and JUST DO IT.

Arleen Wright ;)...!

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MKearns Premium
PS You have some great copywriting headlines in your 3rd draft post too. I have seen some of the latest ones beyond WA's awesome: Jaw dropping, accelerating, freedom, liberating, energizing, etc.
ArleenWright Premium
Thank you... My main focus is to become an effective, profitable, alluring, informative, trustworthy and simple copywriter, my friend, I do understand I have a long way to go lol, but that is my goal ;)...!

I truly appreciate constructive criticism and please feel free to point things out and I will totally appreciate it and fully be grateful for your time.

If you ever remember please message me privately some of this awesome post I need to read as much as I can... Pretty Please with Cherry on top.

Wishing you success in all you do...!
Arleen Wright
Smile ;)...!
MKearns Premium
You nailed it Arleen. Core belief in yourself and core content are the two main pillars. Domain naming, hosting, niche building and a whole ensemble of other issues follow.
RaeAnnePond Premium
Great post Arleen! Thanks for sharing.
ArleenWright Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read beautiful :)...!
SadieChan Premium
Hi Arleen, probably not a wise choice to tell members here to sign out for some free sites here at WA. Just my opinion. Thanks Sadie.
ArleenWright Premium
Thank you... I truly love constructive criticism my friend and I see what you mean...!

Arleen Wright
Smile ;)...!
theresroth Premium
Thanks for this post, Arleen!
That's what I've heard writing therapists say as well, just start and let the thought pour out!
ArleenWright Premium
Hard to believe, but that is actually true lol my beautiful lady ;)...!