Check for support before investing on a premium theme

Last Update: April 09, 2014

Website themes are a necessity for any new brand to make an impact on the internet. Every brand that is out there trying to create a value for themselves and for others have a unique look of their own. Every single highly successful website has a very unique design that is different from others. A lot of tweaks and coding undergoes the back end of the website. So, if you are looking for a premium theme to invest upon, make sure you take a look at the points I have mentioned here.

Check for support before you buy.

Every theme whether premium or free should come with adequate support from the theme developer. There is however not so much in free themes. This is expected as the developer is getting nothing in return for providing valuable support and spending his time for other's troubles.

However, if he is a premium theme developer and seller, it becomes imperative that he provides his support to all his customers. This is also sometimes not guaranteed. So as a theme buyer, you should do a check or a double check to find out if there is support for theme features and tweaks.

Explore the information page on the theme before you complete the purchase. Look for mentions of support.

Never use a free blog theme unless it comes from

If you’re self-hosting your blog and have installed WordPress onto your domain from, their theme repository is the only place you should ever acquire a free blog theme.

Why? It’s simple: WordPress vets themes very carefully to make sure they have no hidden malware or links to questionable websites. Other sites offering free themes don’t necessarily take this step, which means your theme could not only infect your own domain but the computers of your visitors.

There are a handful of sites like ThemeForest and Mojo Themes that sell premium themes and have similarly been vetted against malware or other examples of bad code.

If nothing in WordPress’s repository strikes your fancy and you find one that does at one of these locations, you’ll likely pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 for a theme.

Planning to give it a try hoping if something goes wrong refunds will be made. Well Refunds are less likely to occur

If you aren’t satisfied with a purchase, getting your money back is going to be a problem. You’ve already downloaded the code, and a marketplace won’t automatically want to hand over your money because they have no way of verifying that you actually have deleted the code you’re requesting a refund on.

I completely understand this issue and it makes sense. But it still makes for an unhappy shopping experience if you have spent the money you thought was going to buy you a theme that would do exactly what you expected.

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Good info thanks
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Thank you for the good advice, very helpful
Trialynn Premium
Oh Arka, you have hit on a subject that drove me crazy for quite awhile. I have also been told to never use a theme that is not responsive (adapts to tablets and phones) even though there is a plugin to make a theme responsive if it was not originally. So much to consider. Buck had some recommendations here too:
best to you Arka!
Arka Premium
Thanks for the post link. I will go through that shortly.