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April 19, 2014
Well I am planning to add some new content to my website this afternoon, and then I saw the video by Kyle on Creating Content. I was just trying to know that which video editing or capture software do anyone use for doing video reviews?I will appreciate if someone can shed some light on a list of softwares (preferably free). With Regards, Arka
Website themes are a necessity for any new brand to make an impact on the internet. Every brand that is out there trying to create a value for themselves and for others have a unique look of their own. Every single highly successful website has a very unique design that is different from others. A lot of tweaks and coding undergoes the back end of the website. So, if you are looking for a premium theme to invest upon, make sure you take a look at the points I have mentioned here.Check for suppo
I have seen a lot of people on Wealthy Affiliate tell that they have not yet earned any money even after trying for a long time. People have continuously posted comments and created blogs to tell their desperation. Even I was tired of failing to make any decent earning or rather any earning from my ventures. But I kept on to my faith in myself, went through the entire site again and again, worked even harder, created more contents, ventures into similar niches, targeted social networks and hope
Yesterday, I got a mail from wa that I have earned $8. So, when I logged into my Wealthy Affiliate profile, I found that one of my referrels have gone premium. The countdown to Las Vegas had dropped down to 299. This is also my first time that I earned money. I have started to earn my pocket money as was my main motive here. $8......yeah !!!
Here is a list of top 10 hottest niche in the market today.... 1. Internet Marketing (make money online niche). 2. Electronics and digital products. 3. Health & Fitness (evergreen niche). 4. Jobs, careers and employment niche (everybody needs it today). 5. Celebrities, music and movies (people still pay for mp3 downloads). 6. Luxury - hotels, jewellery etc (commissions are huge). 7. Porn (yes it is there, although many won't be comfortable to work on that). 8. Romance, dating site (can be c
The internet is sprawling with buyers and sellers alike. This provides an ample opportunity for local businessmen to reach bigger markets, across borders, continents restricted by the sea and buyers who didn't exist before. Jeff Bezos, the founder of amazon did the same when he moved across cross country to sell books on the internet. He has become a billionaire by now. So, I believe using the internet to earn money provides ample opportunity. Just let your hard work drive you to success. If yo
WordPress had announced the second beta release of version 3.9, as they prepare for an April launch. Amongst the enhancements which WordPress 3.9 could bring, is an improved Widget Customizer which allows you to edit and preview widgets in a similar way that the current Theme Customizer works. Further widget management improvements may come in the form of the Better Widgets feature, which enable the sidebar area to be switched to the main screen instead of being constricted to the sidebar, gi
WordPress has a commenting system built directly into the core. Unfortunately, it has not changed since WordPress was launched in 2003. Most WordPress users address its deficiencies by installing commenting plugins that enhance the functionality. Without installing a comment plugin, WordPress lacks importance features such as social media integration. It also suffers badly from spam, which is why every single download of WordPress comes packaged with the anti-spam plugin Akismet. In this articl
Facebook is the second most popular website on the internet after Google. Facebook is a place people spend on average twenty minutes per visit. This is in contrast to google where people visit just so that they can go somewhere else. There are rumors that Facebook is loosing its popularity due to competition by major rivals like twitter, Pinterest etc. There have been lots of news reports over the last six months that Facebook could lose 80% of its users by 2017. But the fact is Facebook remain
Hi Wealthy Affiliate Community, I have just started here at Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member after almost 8 months of inactivity due to exams and now I am doing very well. Reduced my rankings from 21,000 to 1347 in almost 5 days only. Getting more number of followers in as less the time. Learning through the rich training courses and ensuring that all tasks are honestly completed. Writing tutorials so that I can add them here when I qualify for the same. Hosting my websites here at Wealthy