I see something in you

Last Update: Nov 10, 2014


This is amazing speech. This guy inspires me. You must watch. :)

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I will take a look at it, thank you

Thank you for sharing this inspiration!

You're welcome. I hope that this year won't happen something like this. :)

Sorry this comment is for winter disaster. LOL

Maybe is time for bed here in Slovenia. :-)

Speech is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

I have not listen to a beautiful speech in a long time.
Thank you very much.

Beautiful speech, indeed. :)

Sorry; I didn't watch probably my loss BUT I just don't have the time. BUT I do see something in everyone at W.A. including you.

excellent speech. thanks for forwarding. I see something in all of you.

Wow, he is good!! I thoroughly enjoyed this video, I will be forwarding this to many!!

He is one great speaker - motivational and funny. I really enjoyed that AND it came at just the right moment. Synchronicity......maybe. Thanks.

I strongly believe in synchronicity. Nothing in this world happens by chance.

Yes, he is good. I am wondering how many of his neighbours ended up in bad situations because nobody saw anything in them.

Yes.....I am inspired....and grateful that you posted this. Many are lost and can not find their way because no one cares enough to look for what is hidden inside.

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