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Last Update: Apr 7, 2016


Dalam bahasa Indonesia yang betul adalah Indonesia di WA atau WA di Indonesia yach!

Anyways semakin hari semakin banyak orang Indonesia di WA ... Bukan Watsapp lho yach. Saya lagi pikir bagaimana WA bisa berkontribusi di Indonesia. Apakah kendala utama adalah bahasa?

Siapa diantara kita yang merasakan manfaat dari WA dan ingin menyebarluaskan lagi manfaat Ini di tanah air? Hayo ... Komentar dibawah.

Pikirkan saya sih buat komunitas duluan ... Namun berapa orang yach yang cukup utk sebuah komunitas? Orang Indo di sini paling da 30 orang.

Setelah Ada komunitas baru pikirin apakah saatnya utk membuat training pake BI?!

Okeyh ... Silahkan saudara saudari berkomentar ...


Apeng Ganten

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Ya Pak Ganten saya udah dalam proses pembikin website dalam bahasa (Melayu) mempromosi WA produk. LOL

ini sapa ya pakai bhs melayu

Saya dari Singapura. Berbangsa Melayu

Hahaha ... Itu Mat Nazmi Joko ... Beliau dari negri jiran ... Chai yo Mat Nazmi ... Pake Melayu oke lahhhh ... Mantebzzz ... Apeng.

Saya dari Malaysia! We are all neighbour. Do PM me if any of you need any help ya.. Cheers

Florence Ki

Hey Floren, its a nice to meet you, i 'll contact you if i have problem, saya tetangganya Apeng

Waduuuhhh ... Ada nona cantik nich ... Anak tetangga lagi ... Hahaha ... Joko juga tetangga tuh ... Masih bingung bagaimana bikin komunitas disini. Thx Florence ... Any ideas on how to link the Indonesians n malaysiAn community into a sub group? Kinda confusing ... Apeng.

I do not see why you cannot make a good success of promoting WA in your country wish you all the best

Indonesia is a huge market. If you are the expert in WA, you could have a huge network of Indonesia members within WA using the Bahasa Indonesia language.

I hear you Sadie ... Just need to find the right niche to get some more going on with WA ... It would be awesome! Thanks Sadie. Apeng.

My advice is to use the WA affiliate program. First not many in Bahasa Indonesian, But, You have to train yourself as an expert first because most Indonesia, will not understand English either. Regards Sadie

Hi Apeng, it's a good idea....!

Saya setuju untuk bikin komunitas dulu, agar teman2 sesama member WA yang dari Indonesia bisa saling mengenal dan berkomunikasi satu sama lain disini, dan yang mempunyai kendala dalam bahasa akan lebih terbantu jika ada anggota yang lebih senior mau memberikan training dalam bahasa Indonesia.
Selama saya join disini, yang saya tau Indo's members hanya tau 4 -5 orang saja...:)
Semoga WA bisa berkontribusi di Indonesia


Okeyh ... Jika begitu saya akan mulai list KIWA komunitas Indonesia di WA ... Semoga kedepan WA Bisa lebih semarak di Indo Li. Apeng

Very inspiring, come on !...let's grow together and promoting WA in our country....good luck

Yes I do ... Already on it. Mulyadi seems to be Rahman's friend I think.

Yes, I kind of gathered that. But my Indonesian is limited to Google Translate and I'm sure you could do a much better job than I could.

If you would like to, you can use my website to assist him it's kitted out with Google Translate (I know it's not the best translator, but better than nothing!) Let me know if you want me to add you as an Indonesian Translator. The site was designed specifically for the purpose of helping other speakers of other languages within WA.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Hi Edu ... Google translate is quite good in Indonesian ... Terrible in far eastern languages though.
How do I sign up to be an Indonesian translator in your site? Lemme know ...
Have a great weekend Edu,

Sounds like you'll be able to advance WA's reach even more...
Good stuff, Apeng, although I only know one or two words.....

Hi Therese ... That is my mission to bring good things to my nation and let my country men n women see the great things that WA can bring into their lives. Ha ha ha ... One or two is good coz it will grow into more. Thanks Therese. Apeng.

Hi Apeng, I think it is good as Wealthy Affiliate Indonesia :)

Btw, do you create an affiliate marketing niche website specifically for our local audiences? I thought most people here have a very different online behavior compared to people outside our country.


Hi Ferdinand ... WA Indonesia it is then. Thx Ferdinand.

I have been trying ... Yes indeed, the basic complaint is that it's too much hard work but I'm not giving up yet as WA is one of a kind. I have never been so driven as this. From 300 million souls there must be a lot that can partake in this blessing. So, I am continuing the search ... It's my methods that needs improvement and I'm looking into every avenue. Ho ho Ho ... Thanks bro. Apeng.

Yes Apeng. Glad to hear that.I think language is still a problem here, and you may need to invest more time as their 'mentor' because of the language barrier, though.

Good luck btw :)

Whatever it is, Thanks.

Har har har ... Ola Pios ... It's not Tagalog for sure. Thanks my pinoy friend! Cheers ... Apeng.

Good idea Mr. Apeng, you know when i tell to some of my friends about WA, they always say ' i do not know about English', do not think that my language is good, although my english is poor enough i try to understand because there is google translator, OK iam very very agree with your idea, you keep on going to promote WA in Indonesia ter cinta

Hey Joko ... That is one of the obstacles hence the Indonesian used. If our English is not so good then it's a good place to learn good English isn't it ... You are moving on to better things in WA Joko. We have the skills to create websites, language is not a barrier coz we can create Indonesian pages ... Albeit it will take a while for my language text to recognise all these Indonesian words. Mari kita bawa kelebihan WA kepada Indonesia kita yg tercinta. Thx Joko. Apeng.

Hi Apeng, very interesting post. I think most of the people here won't understand what you are writing here. I think I sort of know what you are trying to write here. :) I think it's a good idea to promote WA in Indonesia in your own language. Maybe you can be the main person for WA Indonesia. All the best to you.

Morning Rick ... it is interesting to know that not many people in Indonesia even heard of affiliate marketing. Most people here when we say business on Internet ... First thing that comes to mind is to sell a product on some platform like Tokopedia or Olx or Bukalapak ... Etc. When it comes to making a website ... People tend to think it's something reserved for a web specialist ... Simply not true now that we all in WA can make websites. Mines already on page 1 for quite some searches already. To be a main person is a worry ... WA works because of the community here. Very sharing even on business tips and making money ideas ... Hail to WA ... have a great weekend Rick. Apeng.

Hi mr apeng saya baru join wa hari ini. Apakah wa itu termasuk mlm yah ato pure internet marketing? Apakah kita akan mendapatkan reward bila refer wa k teman kita. Thanks

Malem Jim. Bukan MLM sama sekali. Sejenis internet marketing Nama nya affiliate marketing. Pada intinya jualan barang atau jasa dan memperoleh komisi. WA juga ada affiliate program nya. Saya sudah ikut affiliate jualan barang Lazada. Blm hoki jualan WA namun kayane Akan Ada yg Beli tahun ini ... Masih saya godok. Namun jika bisa jualan WA komisinya cukup mantebzzz. Setelah belajar ttg affiliate marketing bisa kita coba affiliate di lainnya juga. Semoga jelas Jim. Jika ga jelas info yooo.

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