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Last Update: May 28, 2023

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Then trust the process to achieve your dreams.

Life is a journey so find the Joy in life and Enjoy your trip.

Please note:

You don't have to be perfect in everything you do.

In fact, no one is perfect

If someone thinks they are perfect then they are only deceiving themselves.

Be the best version you want to be.

But through life's journey, you will always be learning, applying, and then rinse and repeat.

Do your best, be patient, and continue to move forward in a positive way.

This is the same way here in Wealthy Affiliate you learn, apply and follow through and do your best.

Wealthy Affiliate members are fortunate to have so many opportunities and benefits available.

The Benefits of Being a Wealthy Affiliate Member

If you are a starter member you have the basic concept of affiliate marketing to get you started.

For those who are serious to be successful online, you have the choice to take you further.

You have the premium or premium plus membership available.

It is here where your online journey takes shape.

Premium Membership.

You get all the core training needed that is 5 courses or 50 lessons for the OEC training.

You also have the Affiliate Bootcamp if you wish to promote Wealthy Affiliate.
This alone has 7 courses of 70 lessons.

So the core training you can have 120 lessons at no added cost to you.

Plus extra recorded live training to watch at any time you want and as often as you want.

You get 30 free credits to buy your own dot com domain as a premium member.

All hosting for your websites is free as a wealthy affiliate member.

Premium members can host up to 3 websites for free.

Premium Plus Membership

Premium Plus members not only get what premium members have.

But on top of that is the extra training given by the super affiliates.

The live training is recorded so you can watch them any time you wish and as often as you like.

As premium plus you get 60 Free credits to buy 2 dot com domains.

Currently, as of writing this, there are over 1k lessons available to paid members.


One of the great things many members will agree on is the community support you get.

You will always have the support of your fellow community members.

Along with the support and extra guidance of many super affiliates as well at no added cost to you.

Fellow members who are only too willing to give a helping hand.

You are not alone and where you may have doubts or concerns all you need is to ask.

Trust the process and know as you apply what is being taught here things will work out in their own time.

This itself is of immense value for members regardless of what level you are at.

These are only some of the benefits there are more along the way.

Letting Go of Control and Embracing Opportunities

Let go of the need to control everything that is okay.

Sometimes, the best things happen when we go with the flow.

Keep an open mind and be ready to seize the opportunities that come your way.

That is what Wealthy Affiliate is about.

To seize that opportunity you are seeking to become successful in the online world.

Start Making the Most of What You Have

Instead of focusing on what you don't have, focus and appreciate and make the most of what you do have.

Work with the flow not against it, when you do you can make progress toward your goals and aspirations.

The more effort you put in the greater the benefits available to you.

It will happen

As you learn more and apply the many pieces of training, your opportunities will be around the corner.

When the time is right, everything will fall into place, and your dreams and goals will come to fruition.

Trust that the universe has a plan for you, and when the moment is perfect, you will be ready to embrace what you set out to do.

A Year of Amazing Opportunities

Even now in 2023 and beyond Wealthy Affiliate always delivers.

There is so much more they are planning ahead of time all at no extra cost to their members.

New insights to keep up with the changes made in the online world such as AI and how best to use it and more.

Extra training is always given and will continue to do so.

The rest of this year holds incredible promise for you.

Many of your wishes in your online world are about to become a reality.

Prepare yourself for greater opportunities, breakthroughs, and insights coming your way.

Final thoughts:

Trust the process, and embrace the opportunities you have with training given to you.

Apply the teachings and take forward actions to make it happen.

Sure it may not happen overnight as this is not one of those get-rich money-making schemes but it will happen.

Believe in yourself and in all you do.

Stay connected and know you have all the support and help from your fellow members.

Believe in your dreams but to make your dreams into a reality you need to take positive action.

You have so much available to you to achieve anything you want online.

You are building an investment long-term as this is your online business for years to come.

Keep going, and let life unfold naturally.

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Recent Comments


Good morning Andre,

I hope you're doing well and that your wife's health is continuing to improve.

That's a very good way to sum up and explain Wealthy Affiliate. As you mention there are many benefits to being a member. I think to best features for me are the genuine training, which teaches you the best way to grow your business. I particularly appreciate the training as when I first started researching Internet marketing back in 2004, I was working blind. In other words, I didn't know what works and what didn't work as there are a terrific amount of lies and fluff on the Internet marketing subject!

Now I have everything in one place, I don't need to look any further for training as so many successful members have also added their own training. This is a massive bonus when we are premium plus members!

The second best feature is the community, it's great being able to help and also learn from other members. It's also fantastic to be able to share in their success stories, however small or large. I believe that we grow when we mix with like-minded people.

I just noticed that you joined nine months before me, Andre, I joined in November 2014. I was actually with a smaller membership site, which was good. However, the training seemed to stop as the owner was sidetracked with other things. It was a good and genuine training platform. I was a member of two training platforms for a while, that was too much! I decided to choose and continue with Wealthy Affiliate and I'm certainly glad that I did. The platform has really grown for the better, over the years that I have been here.

Have a great day.


Thank you Roy and yes certainly is a great place to be. As I stated ages before I was scammed in the past and gave WA the last shot and as you mentioned have been here since 2014 with no intention to leave.

All you need is here plus the community support from many like-minded individuals along with their own training outside of WA's and their blogs post.

Take Partha for example his knowledge alone is worth the price of membership total bonus for us members.

Enjoy your day and week ahead and thanks for sharing much appreciated.


Thank you, Andre!

I believe there are many of us here who have purchased scam products and have a similar story to tell! I have often wondered what would have happened if I could have joined Wealthy Affiliate when it first started! It would have certainly been a lot cheaper than doing it my way!

Yes, that is so true about Partha; he really does have a deep knowledge of how Internet marketing works. I believe he was there in the early days, so he has seen a huge amount of changes. We really can learn so much from other people's experiences. It's a pleasure to be on a platform where we can receive honest training etc. and much more!


Very True Roy I also wondered how it would have been if I found WA then . I tried early before 2005 gave up then tried again only to get ripped off again.

Image if I choose not to take a chance and not give WA a go there would have been such a loss for me not only as far as affiliate or online marketing is concerned but also being in contact with so many awesome members.

Fortunately, I gave it a chance to prove themselves to me and it paid off.


Yes, indeed, Andre, it looks like we should both see the power of the Internet, but just needed the right training to move forward! I hate to think how much I spent on shiny objects! It's really great that you found Wealthy Affiliate as I believe that you have almost been continually active since she first started, which is great.

I hear you Andre, it would have been a great loss, not only for yourself, but for all the members who enjoy your content and comments etc. I think this is why I feel saddened when I see a member leave. There are some people who do not take one bit of action and complain about why the platform doesn't work. And then there are other members who are probably really near success and give up too early. It's important to follow the training and take action!

I'm so glad that you found Wealthy Affiliate and it paid off, fantastic!

All the best.


Thanks Roy and yes that is the key to taking action and not blaming the system.

if you can't make the effort then that would be their issue no WA's.

Wealthy Affiliate give more than what we bargained for when we joined and still continue to add more for their members.

I don't know if there is any other place to even come a close second.

If fact I am sure there is no one that gives to its members what WA does.


It's a pleasure, Andre!

In the best possible way, sometimes I have seen someone join and I know that they are not going to do anything! Fortunately, it works the other way as well, as we hear some wonderful success stories!

Sadly too many people play the blame game rather than be accountable!

I couldn't agree more, Andre, we get a lot more than what we bargained for! I also visit a few other forums, however, Wealthy Affiliate is where I spend most of my time. The great thing is that the forum is so friendly and helpful, I know from experience that not all forums are like this. I'm sure it takes a lot of work to keep the forum friendly!

I hear you, Andre, I guess there are other similar platforms out there, but why change something that works so well and that we are happy with?!


True Roy and thanks why re-invent the wheel when it ain't broken. Enjoy your day and week ahead and thank you once more always appreciated.


Indeed, Andre! Thank you for your interesting blog post, it's good to be thankful and know that we are on a fantastic platform.

The same to you Andre! I can't believe that we are nearly in June!


You are welcome Roy and yes nearly half way through the year goes quickly when having fun being focused here.

Hello Andre, thanks for sharing this post of inspiration!

Once again I find your mentorship very valuable and in appreciation to your commitment I would like to acknowledge your teachings here in WA.

It is a post like this that helps people understand that growing a business is a gradual event and it takes a steady dose of positivity and as you say natural "Flow".

Wishing you a good night :)

Kind regards
Erica 🦘😊🎼

Hey, fellow Aussie thank you so much for your kind and beautiful words of support very much appreciated coming from you.

Yes, we gradually learn that this is not a quick journey but when done properly we can enjoy the trip along the way while reaching the many forms of destination we are seeking.

Yes will be heading off in an hour or so been another long day but enjoyable thanks to people like you.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and I guess knowing you, the early morning hours as well with the added peace and quiet you get.

Take care as always


Andre :)

G'day my Aussie champion 😊🐨

Thanks so much Andre, I appreciate your kind support as well, that is for sure!

Yes I am in front of quiet a few people cause I love waking up early, as you say it is so peaceful at these early hours that I get a lot work done due to no disturbing noise!

I actually avoid a lot of the ethereal arguments of people also by getting up while people are still sleeping!

You are so right this world was meant to have a natural flow not necessarily a law of the clock.

You take good care too always


Thank you Erica and yes always wonderful to be able to work with peace and quiet (music allowed). You are better able to focus more and get more done along the way that is where time flies quickly because we are working with the flow.

Continue to have a good one.

Andre :) 🦘😎😀

Thanks Andre, sorry for late reply,

You are so right to work with the flow, thanks Andre :)

Enjoy your Tuesday arvo


No probs Erica all good enjoy your arvo as well and take care.

Andre 🦘😀😎

Thanks so much Andre, still catching up, probably be catching up forever lol, so many things to do lol

Have fun 🦘😅


No probs Erice one step at a time I have my furbaby grandson here till Thursday night keeping me busy elsewhere so trying to pop in and out where I can.

Enjoy your furbaby Andre :)


Thanks Erica doing my head in today couldn't sleep he could and now just full on playing and as always seeking attention for him when he wants.

Oh well the joys of parenting hey not sure which is worse the two legged or four legged LOL


I know right Andre, they need so much attention lol, both the four legged and the two legged that is for sure!

Have fun :)


You are not wrong there Erica, I have a break today so planning to make the most of it with the peace, quiet and no distractions while I can and have him with me again most of Saturday.

Funny I can't wait for him to go back home yet at the same time miss him especially when going to bed and not having him placing his head on my chest and sleeping on top of me LOL


I am sure you miss him Andre, it is like anything when we don't have something that we get use to, we miss it.


So true Erica felt so tired I went back to bed the loss of sleep got to me which is unusual still feel a bit tired so we will see.

catch you later 🦘


Catch up on your sleep Andre, I will be here later too, I feel the heaviness of some local gossipers that seem to miss interpret me. I need to do some reiki I think!

Talk soon


I will and will send you some Reiki as well didn't realise you did Reiki that is good to hear.


Thanks so much Andre :)


Most welcome Erica

Namaste 🙌🙌🙌🙏


Namaste 🙏



Hi Andre,

Awesome post. It is also a great reminder that Life is a Journey and Not a Destination!
There is no need to rush through things just to find that we missed something.

Thank you!
Have a wonderful night!

Thank you and yes you are correct life is a journey and not a destination.

There is so much information we can receive here, unfortunately, many think of that final destination only and are in a rush but forget to prepare for the long journey properly.

Enjoy your Day and week ahead.




Hi Andre.
Great post and advice 👍
To the 🎯

Thank you for sharing with us.

Best regards,
Slavka 👋

Thank you Slavka and most welcome hopefully it will hit the mark more with new ones.

Enjoy your weekend and week ahead.

Andre :)

I know you will, Andre.

Enjoy your weekend too 👋🌞 👋

Already am Slavka it is 8.30 pm Sunday night here so few more hours to go before the week starts officially.
Then again do we have an official start to the day it seems a continuous flow ha


Oh, Andre.
All time zone twisted in my head.😁

I wish you success week.

Slavka 👋

Yea can be a bit confusing with this worldwide community we have but also beneficial as well at times.

Regardless enjoy your day

Andre ;)



Nice Post, Andre. I think you may have made a mistake on the title

What was the mistake?

Shouldn't it be "Want" not "What"

Thanks all fixed much appreciated

Just another reason to show the community here is helpful.

Enjoy your weekend and week ahead.


Either way nice post

Thank you hope it helps someone either here already or those finding it online.


Sure thing and take care

You too thanks once more


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