2020 Happy New Year

Last Update: December 30, 2019

Here in Australia it is already December 31 for some may be a day behind.

Nevertheless I want to take a short moment to first thank Kyle and Carson for their relentless efforts in makinig Wealthy Affilaite the best training platform around along with all the added resources that we as Premium receive.

So to Kyle and Carson I thank you.

To my fellow members some who are close friends more like family thank you for all your support, comments, PM's (not pms lol) and your kindness in being such a wonderful friend.

This is a great time to refect (maybe not tonight) but over the next day of so to reflect all the achievement you have made to date. IF you feel you haven't achieved much think again.

You are a member of Wealthy Affilaite

You have created a website regardless if it is owned by you or using the SiteRubix.

You have created many posts along the way

Many have earned money along the way (the amount is not important) the fact you have achieve much more than when you first started.

You have gone through the lessons or for some going through and getting through them as well

You are a member of Wealthy affilaite and for many a family member here as well

There no doubt would be a lot more you may have achieved along the way so there is much to be thankful for and by giving gratitude to what you have already achieve and will achieve going forward.

If there are any issue over 2019 then don't complain or whinge about it but look for ways to achieve better results. Doin't forget Site Support has you back for techniqual issues along with many members here only too willing to lend a helping hand.

In 2020 aim to become better than you have been and always make sure you keep going forward and continue to believe in yourself and in all you do.

You certainly are worthy of much success just remember if you want that success put in the effort and go for it.

I got an early mark from work for that I am gratefull especially seening it is 45C at the moment.for those still in Fahreheit mode it's about 113F tomorrow should see a change to 27C

So take care whatever you are doing for the New Year. Don't drink and drive and don't use the phone while driving that includes taking calls and especially texting.

Too many live have been lost and many family have lost loved ones either their own or other lives due to stupidity in using the phone.

No call or text is worth a loss of life Remember that

Soon I will be heading out to be with some friends for the turnover of the year and will connect with many Next year.

So to all have a wonderful 31st enjoy the day and night and welcome the new year with much love and joy for a future and bright and successful 2020

Happy New Year

Andre (Apache1) xoxo

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JeanR Premium
Thanks Andre. Happy New Year's

apache1 Premium
Thanks Jean wishing you and yours a wonderful and super Happy New Year
DarrenNicola Premium
Thanks, Andre and Happy New Year back to you.
2020 will be a great year of growth.
All the best
Darren :)
apache1 Premium
Thank you to you both and yes 2020 will be the year of great changes (positive) and much growth throughout the year.

Have a good one

1Summer Premium
Happy New Year Andre to you and family and may the new year bring you lots of blessings!!

apache1 Premium
Thank you Christie wishing you a wonderful New Year and make 2020 your year of great things to come.

annezarra Premium
Happy New Year down under! ANNE Z
apache1 Premium
Thank you Anne wishing you a wonderful New Year. Enjoy and prosper

ExpatMark Premium
Happy New Year Andre and have a prosperous year too.
apache1 Premium
Thank you Mark may you have a wonderful and prosperous year as well. Keep going forward