Learn and Earn at Wealthy Affiliate -Made $50.50 so far

Last Update: September 20, 2020

Folks- so many things I find rare at WA. Here is just one of them and a real good one.

I have made $50.50 while I am Learning and simultaneously building my business at WA.

As a beginner, most entrepreneurs boot strap their business. They are always looking for easy side hustles to support their start up business.I am no different.

Can there be a better way to earn while learning about the businesses and products!

Yes, guys: I am talking about site comments.

What do I learn?

Awesome learning to review the sites, products and articles

  • I sometime compare how I vs. others write and improve to be better
  • Learn design of a site, how it looks.
  • How authoritative the content is.
  • The themes that looks just aesthetic
  • The lovely standout images

And of course many more you can add. Does not it makes you better just spending maximum half hours.

Appetizing Part is You Earn: How Much?

My part of the pie so far is $50.50 so far and will grow. That is what I think.

I am a certified commentator and at times struggle to keep it up.

It is learning and earning that boost my spirit to come back as quickly as I can if I am slipped off the line.

I love this wonderful platform. It expands my knowledge.

I know many have earned their yearly premium. I may get their.

But my $50.50 can get me couple of domains which can be bought through WA.

I hope all wonderful people here are having great time.

Hey, we are quarantined always in front of the laptop, iPad, iPhone so on and so forth.

How much was your share of the pie?

Have fun.
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