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The one who completes this single page with the ink and pen that is provided to you.Here you go..Your single page: THE SKYYour Ink: OCEAN WATERYour PEN: The MiGHTY SAL TREEYour one page blog roll is the infinite skyYour ink to write- Everlasting ocean waterYour pen is the mighty Sal Tree-No Wear and TearStart writing and finish the won.Have fun everyone.
Bring the joy to life where you are. Here is where I planted myself almost inside a herbal garden for the last 9 months and not sure when I am flying back to US. Now I am rooted right here:At My Lovely Herbal Garden (pandemic Quarantine), Beach Fresh Air with Age Old Books on AyurvedaI feel like I am always sitting near the beach being 10 miles away from Bay of Bengal, famous for its sandy beach. The fresh air leaves me with no stress. It is just amazing.We are lucky not to have any Corona c
December 31, 2020
“a quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success bound with constant unrest”It was a hand written tip from Einstein, which was sold for 1.56 million.Shine bright with no stress and unrest. Is it your 2021 goal?
Pandemic Strands Me Away From My Family Living in US for the Last 15 months. I had left my home 36 years back for my higher education at US.It is a rare opportunity to stay this length of time with my family which I always call home. I will make the story short. What Has not ChangedPandemic sun rise is still the same. This picture doesn’t care for Covid contraction.I love farming and Ayurveda (my bio).Let me give you a glimpse of my pandemic puzzles 2020.We Planted and Revived Multiple He
The much missed Live Indexing of your URL is back on. Google took it off 69 days back and re enabling now.This link offers you the announcements and the details if you are interested to learn more and haven't seen it yet. the instant indexing in most cases and don't forget to add site maps if you have large no of URLs to be indexed.Enjoy.
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A beginner needs guidance. Do you have a mentor at WA from your premium membership? How is your mentor?I really love to listen from you.Stay happy and healthy.Anu
December 07, 2020
Less is NOT MoreLess is always for a minimalist and I am definitely one of them, But not in this case.I am talking about the Entrepreneur Training Lessons at wealthy Affiliate.Have you skipped a few training sessions! without going through the details and crossing it off or not? Many of us have done that. The reason- We are eager to move forward. I see it many times in posts here.The consequence is you take longer to achieve your financial goals or can just be unsuccessful.Know all and finish a
Planning for a New Niche MMO Website on 2021. Here is my quick design how to build the site from scratch. Structure a Doable plan.Complete Boot camp training 70 lessons by 1Q 2021Purchase a domain to add strength to MMO business and people will it easilyNiche selection- I have an idea in my mind. Research on demographics and people need and current trendSubscribe to Ahrefs for a week for $7.00Build the key word list for the entire yearFind magnetic headline tag and bullet points for the arti