How do you LOA believers reconcile your internal guidance system with WA instructions?

Last Update: Oct 13, 2015


i am a believer in the law of attraction and have learned to trust my feelings which sometimes confuses when I follow Affiliate Bootcamp which tells me to do this and that but my emotions tell me that I am on the frequency of scarcity again and by the loa you can't get to success when you are on the frequency of scarcity.

We should be feeling abundant when we are building our business, so how do you proceed, do you follow instructions nevertheless or do something to get into the frequency of abundance again before anything else?

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I think that's the reason I am frequently stuck in the bootcamp, I repeately have to figure out a creative solution, one which doesn't pull me down. I am very uncomfortable writing things about scammers, warnings are oke, but to tell, this person or website is very bad, I am not comfortable with, so that part I have outsourced to a ghostwriter.

You need to change your frequency levels through action, building your site and following the course provides you with a template to action. You will never eliminate all your feelings of doubt but you will slowly replace them with a focus on achieving something and moving into the mindset of someone who is successful in business.

It doesn't happen overnight but with practice you will see the changes.

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