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Last Update: February 26, 2015

I do not believe in the interpretation of dreams, but I do believe in the possibility of utilizing these dreams as a reference or an experience and applying them in our lives in a positive manner. I normally do not remember my dreams, the next day I might remember part of it but not in its entirety.

Yet a year ago, I had a dream that felt very real, as if it had happened in my life. I remember all the details and I believe I will never forget what I saw in that dream.

I was walking through the streets of Miami, carrying a briefcase (I'm not sure the connection between the briefcase and my story), and a middle-aged man and woman were walking towards me. He wore a blue suit and she wore a blue blazer and skirt; the man had a dark blue tie and the woman also wore a scarf the same color as the man's tie.

As they walked towards me they smiled. As they came closer to me, I greeted them; they had a loving expression. I felt a great peace(I can't forget that moment).

Smiling the man said, "Do you see that hole?". I looked where he was pointing; there was a hole from a radio about two inches, "Yes, why?". The man said, "Do you think you can cross through that hole?". "No, I don't think so", I answered. The man replied, "if you want, you can". At that moment, the woman climbed through the hole; I couldn't believe it, I was inspired and I followed her and then the man followed. What I saw was inexplicable, everyone I saw was dressed in the same clothing, they had the same expression of peace; they all walked through the streets, with beautiful gardens filled with flowers that I had never seen before. I wanted to stay there; they told me I would return; but not through that hole... and I awoke. It was a beautiful dream, but what I learned from that dream was when they asked me to cross that hole and the man told me "IF YOU WANT, YOU CAN", and that's what I feel in connection to WA. I might not become a millionaire, but once again I will prove, not in my dreams but in my reality that "YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT".

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LolaAJ1 Premium
What an incredible dream. Thank you so much for sharing ...the story gives us a good lesson...IF WE WANT IT..WE CAN HAVE IT.

I'm glad they made you come back...to teach us this lesson.

Many thanks...even tho it gave me goosebumps!
GWaldron Premium
Awesome story! I do not believe in dream interpretation either but yu got something from it that inspired you. Good post AnteroM!
Wepi Premium
Inspiring history, Antero. Thanks very much for sharing. There is a kind of mystery in every dream, by the way, this matter of dreams would be a good niche...who knows. Thank a lot.
Kenester Premium
Yes, if you want, you can. Where there is a will, there is a way. Even the scriptures say God will give us the desires of our heart if we delight in Him. Basically accomplishement is directly proportional to our will, heart desires, and efforts.
ShirleyWoon Premium
The message for you is be at peace, you can have what you want, even though it looks impossible....
God bless, Shirley
AnteroM Premium
Thanks Shirley, God bless you too!!!
LolaAJ1 Premium
Very cool Shirleyl
ShirleyWoon Premium
Hi Antero, It's all about God watching over you. Tho' we may find it hard to understand His Words, He'll send His Angels to convey the message in the earthly way.
You'll gather I've received many dreams...
God bless you always,