Which is the best way to go?

Last Update: November 30, 2015

I am losing my way going off to view premium videos, Jaxxy videos... all are fantastic but I am just making notes and getting more excited lol. I saw someone say the will do the bootcamp first and the getting started later.. Which is the best way to go?

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DIGGER12 Premium
Hi it depends on if you want a niche site or if you want to promote BootCamp.... I personally would start ith the "Get Started " lessons either way, then when Kyle says you can switch over to BootCamp and you want to, I would switch over at that time, of if you have a niche site stick with the Get Started.... I would do both either way, you can learn a lot from both sides. I wouldn't do both of them together though :-)

Hope this helps
Annie700 Premium
Thanks Digger!
I am having trouble sticking to the get started.
I had to stop ALL emails as I kept looking at all the links and videos and not moving forward. I think I knew wa\hat I should do which is what you have just said.
Thanks again.

DIGGER12 Premium
Your very welcome :-)