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January 01, 2016
Well 2016 has begun! I am trying to organise my time between working full time and creating my online business, and I am so grateful for all the help , ideas , resources available within the WA Community.Firstly I have written down all the things I need to do, to move forward with my business and to help others here in WA.The list started as follows:EmailsFollowingCommenting on other peoples profilesEntrepreneur CertificationBootcampJay's WebinarsResearchBlogsTime off x 2 days (think it will on
Whooo Hooo!Just Completed Online Entrepreneur Certification Course 1 !!!!First ever WebsiteFirst ever businessFirst ever real confidence!Thank you Wealthy AffiliatesKyleCarson and WA Community For the belief, tools advice and supportAnnie
November 30, 2015
I am losing my way going off to view premium videos, Jaxxy videos... all are fantastic but I am just making notes and getting more excited lol. I saw someone say the will do the bootcamp first and the getting started later.. Which is the best way to go?
November 27, 2015
Hello Folks I had a slow start as I found this site whilst in the UK signed up but did not take a proper look until I got back to New Zealand 2 weeks later, and got settled back into my life/working. Well I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of content and people on here, and keep getting distracted alot! lol wish the history tab could go back further ha ha ha.Found the website selection massive and was not sure what exactly I needed so randomly picked one I can go and change it late
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