Another Site Transferred from Weebly to WA and WP

Last Update: December 18, 2019

I'm on a Roll!

Working on transferring my weebly sites one by one. I've completed my 2nd in a couple of days. The transfer went pretty well. I copied and pasted info from my previous page and created new posts with headlines (H3) and added pics, links to social. Still sort of basic page overall, but can now be added to as I move forward with the training.

Nameserver Change Was Much Quicker

One minor hiccup, is that after I change the DNS server names on GoDaddy, which changed in record time, depending on my browser cookies, the URL says it isn't available. So I searched on my iPhone and it was LIVE. Then I tried another computer, and it was LIVE. Then closed and re-opened a brower and it worked.

My Networks Need Re-setting

At home, one of my networks needs re-setting to be able to work, but at least I know this process now! I will have some time over the holidays to sit and work on my other sites. It's very exciting considering the money I will be saving.

I'm Not Moving My Domains Just Yet

At this time, I'm leaving the domain names at GoDaddy, but will considering moving them too. Another plus, is that I'm getting quicker with Word Press, though one of my HTML sections of text wasn't co-operating as well as it did on Weebly. I can always tweak later.

Recap of Steps

  • To recap my process of switching over from Weebly.
  • Make a Rubix.Site Page with similar name
  • I go to Weebly site, do a quick copy and paste into new website
  • Get all my posts and links and pages in order, as well as pics.
  • When I'm satisfied, I go to GoDaddy and change the Nameservers to WA's:
  • Wait until I see the changes have been processed.
  • Log into WA and transfer site, pick it from drop down menu
  • Use Move tool on backend and see it turn live.
  • Open new browsers to see new page, with old domain name, now hosted by WA in working order!
  • Keep tweaking!

Two sites transferred, more to go! That's my latest update!

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megawinner Premium
I understand why. What is the time frame before the full transfer is completely done?
annezarra Premium
The site was up with 15 minutes! Anne Z
megawinner Premium
Right on. Thanks, Ann!
ExpatMark Premium
Congrats. Does GoDaddy still make you wait 60 days to transfer?
annezarra Premium
No as far as nameservers.
Ahimbe Premium
I thought that transferring a site was a lot of work.
But here you show that it's easy.
Thank you for the step by step guide you share.
annezarra Premium
Thanks for the message. Hope my experience can help you down the road! Anne Z
John2handy Premium
I have a site with wix that I want to transfer but haven't done it because of the domain name issue. If I don't need to move the domain until it comes close to renewal that might be what I needed to hear.

One of the other advantages for using WA is I don't have find all the login info from who knows where. It's all right here.
annezarra Premium
So true about log in info. Much simpler on WA. I have been putting all my social links in one google doc for easy of keeping track of as well. Good luck with the Wix Site!