What Am I Trying To Accomplish Here?

Last Update: February 10, 2019

As I progress through the training, the question came to my mind, "What exactly, am I trying to accomplish"? What's my end game? I am a self-reflective person by nature so questions like these aren't uncommon and demand an answer. As such, I thought I'd share it here with you. Perhaps, you too could ask yourself a similar question and post it in here as I have done.

I have two different and distinct methods to achieving one main goal. I'm a strong beleiver in multiple streams of income for financial security.

My first objective is to build my online presence, MichiganFirstHome.com, as an expert in my field, real estate. I'm an investor and a licensed Realtor. As a single agent, there's no way I can compete with larger teams because they will always outspend me. Last year was really tough and many agents dropped out of the market entirely. I believe that creating an informative blog site would eventually build up the exposure I need and generate new leads for me without having to spending a fortune on PPC ads.

My affiliate site HighFiveAffiliate.com is a new venture into affiliate marketing. I do a lot of reading and am not afraid of trial and error. It's part of the learning process. I've been an active entreprenuer since 2011. I'm building up both sites each week with new content. I even created a digital product. Mostly, this site is directed towards other looking into the affiliate marketing niche. However, I'm starting to think that perhaps this may be too broad a niche and seriously considering narrowing it down somehow. The goal of course, is to build a steady stream of income through affiliate links and my product sales.

The greatest challenge we all face is getting to page one consistently. It's frustrating when others make it look so easy though. I've been at this since last summer. I'm still looking for those "aha" moments that will boost my performance.

A critical component of becoming a successful entrepreneur is being willing to take calculated risks. When you fail, and you will fail from time to time (more at the start but less often as you gain experience) make sure you're always falling forward. Learn to leverage every effort you make, your time and even your mistakes. No one is born perfect. In fact, writing about your own struggles and failures will go a long way towards building trust with your audience.

Hope this got some of you thinking of what exactly you hope to accomplish with greater clarity and face the challenges head on.

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BobRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep It Up!
PaulBoudreau Premium
Writing out your plans and goals is always a good idea Annette.

Appreciate your accomplishments and realize that you've only begun "this" journey.

Learn along the way, but enjoy the road trip as well.