We Can Make Money from Home During Coronavirus (Covid-19)!

Last Update: April 04, 2020

I have lost count of how many people have lost their jobs due to the novel corona virus and how many people are stressed for how long this gonna last and how they gonna feed their families and stuff.

All my friends that had regular jobs now they don't have any income coming in which you can imagine how stressfull it is.

Obviously I'm not happy about that but think about how lucky we are in these times, we can work from home and make a living without needing to go out to look for jobs.

On top of that you are safer working from home because you are social distancing and respecting the quarantine while you are still bringing in an income.

If you're a Wealthy Affiliate member that has just started or did not start earning yet this is your biggest opportunity to build an income for you or your family!

We have no idea for how long we will be quarantined so instead of wasting time watching Netflix and stuff get serious about buliding your online business because it may save your life at this point!

With that said I really hope this pandemic comes to an end and we can finally leave normally.

But thanks to Covid-19 I realized how important it is to have an online business!



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KatrinaCurry Premium
Anis, you're the reason I signed up. You did a review on a writing app online and said you did some research into it and it had too many red flags. You then mentioned WA and how it's free to sign up and learn to make money online writing - well, because of your article, I signed up. I couldn't be happier with my decision either.
I'm so glad I clicked on your review and skipped that writing app and went with WA instead.

Thank you!

AnisChity Premium
You're welcome Katrina! I'm glad I could help!
Debbi26 Premium Plus
Totally agree with everything you said, Anis!!!!! Don't waste time and a wake up call.

resty1984 Premium
Welcome to WA, your right we need to use our time for being resourceful,
Codjoe Premium
Thanks to you, I found WA. Now my entire is more focused and purpose-driven. Thanks a lot.
AnisChity Premium
You're welcome!
Amar-V Premium
now is better than ever to start or to the least get motivated to run an online business.

I got more time to spend now 'cos obviously with rules in place in such coutnries around there are more people sat at home.

nice to see you are around and still contributing here in WA blog bro.