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Since May 1st, I've been waking up from my bed and seeing these commissions popping up on my phone, $130 here and $118 there.These commissions make you feel so great because you see your hard work paying off.Especially in these hard times, where people are losing their jobs.If you're following the training but not making money yet, I highly recommend to keep pushing because people that make money here they did not start earning overnight, after lots of hard work and patience everything will sta
I have lost count of how many people have lost their jobs due to the novel corona virus and how many people are stressed for how long this gonna last and how they gonna feed their families and stuff.All my friends that had regular jobs now they don't have any income coming in which you can imagine how stressfull it is.Obviously I'm not happy about that but think about how lucky we are in these times, we can work from home and make a living without needing to go out to look for jobs.On top of th
This my third year in a row as a Wealthy Affiliate yearly member, needless to say that these investments that I made for my yearly membership are TOTALLY worth it!In my opinion anyone that REALLY wants to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate should grab the yearly membership.As I said I've been a yearly member for 3 years straight and these are the 2 benefits of being a yearly premium member!1) You Set Yourself to SuccessWhen you go yearly, you don't worry about paying the monthly fee, you eliminate
So I'm 5 months into my very first long-term traveling experience after my business was successful enough to allow me to travel the world.To make my traveling extremely cheaper I currently do volunteering in a hostel here at Budapest, in this hostel I make tons of friends who are either guests at the hostel or fellow volunteers like me.So volunteers get a free stay at the hostel by working around 20 hours a week at reception which is more fun than work because all you do is to take guests to th
September 01, 2019
Today I woke up and noticed that the airplane is 100 a few minutes later a sale came in and it's 99!I have never made it to Vegas and I think this time I really should make it.I should have made it to Vegas years ago but I made lots of stupid mistakes, but now I'm ready for it.Kyle is working with me to fix my conversion rate which is killing my income, I get lots of traffic and lots of referrals but I don't know what's causing this low conversion.Hopefully I'll fix it and make it to Vegas.So a
My dream has always been to travel and unfortunately I've never been able to do that when I had a 9-5 jobs and university.But thanks to Wealthy Affiliate now I can travel long term and work whenever I want and when I want.I just love this freedom that Wealthy Affiliate gave me.Now I'm in Budapest, Hungary and I'm enjoying my time so much here, I'm meeting some amazing friends.Just a few days ago, a fellow WA member Roope came to Budapest as well and we took a photo.This was amazing because this
Hello everyone! In this post I'd like to share with you 2 tools that have helped me improve my website and content so much!So without any further ado let's get in to it and check out the first tool!1# Marinara Pomodoro TimerMarinara timer is an awesome tool that I have been using which has helped me become more creative and focused when writing content.This is a timer that gives you 25 minutes to focus on your work and 5 minutes to take a quick rest then go back to your 25 minutes work then you
Hello everyone, I hope you're ALL doing alright!I'm not going to make this long but I just want to share with you something "very interesting" about the premium membership.You're probably hesitating whether you should go premium or not?Maybe you think Wealthy Affiliate is expensive and probably just another money wasted?I've been a Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2016 And...WA costed me around $1300 since 2016.Here are my WA invoices screenshot ('s NOT expensive i
It's been a long time that I don't blog here at WA...Here I am again.So today by chance I came across a comment I left 2 years ago under the money goals post.I remember VERY WELL when I joined WA 2 years ago when I was setting up my profile. I was so excited because I knew Wealthy Affiliate was a real deal from the start.So today I came across this...This was 2 years ago when I joined WA and set up my profiles and goals.My goal was to earn $1500 a month and I'm happy to say that today I earn mo
Hi Guys, first thing first, happy Easter to everyone!As you know today is the first April, it's the first day of the month which means WA Payday!Today I would like to show you how your income can increase within a year of hard work!1st April 2017! My First WA Payday Ever!1st April 2017 is a day I will never forget, because that day was the first day ever I would get paid from WA!I think you can imagine what it feels like to get paid for the first time, after months of hard work mixed with frust