Demand from yourself, demand from GOD!

Last Update: October 16, 2012
It doesn't matter what you want to achieve. The bottomline is that you want it! Unbelievable trials come, sometimes your dreams appear too distant to be true. You cry. cry and cry. You are depressed. You no longer believe in yourself! I ask why? You have cried, that tells you how badly you want it! You have cried, that tells how serious you are for going the distance. DEMAND FROM YOURSELF, DEMAND FROM GOD what you want. If GOD has created us, he shall give us what we want. Let us make the effort, and keep demanding from GOD! "You created me! You wanted me to take birth! You placed me in this struggle for survival. You took me through all happiness and trials right from my childhood. Now you shall take me home from where I came! You shall give me what I want! I kept my promise of going through all that you wanted. Now give me what i want!".

The very fact that one man reached the moon, made us believe that everybody can do it. The very fact that one man has done what was never done before instils in me the current to do what nobody has ever done! I am myself, I am the lord bestowed upon myself. I have faith in myself, I have faith in my God!

May God give us the extreme faith required to come up with amazing feats in this world because we are all immortals. The only problem with ourselves is not technical or logistical difficulty but the lack of faith. I am willing to put in the effort and the time to come up with something spectacular. Like me, many are here. Like me, many many are there in the world. Let us unite! Let us get together to make this world a better place where people have faith in themselves. Once, the faith comes in, nothing would be impossible! Once the faith comes in, nothing would be problematic!

Have faith in yourself! Demand from yourself, demand from God! And then, shall God come up with something that has never been produced in the world before!
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Kathy1952 Premium
To your faith!
"DEMAND FROM YOURSELF, DEMAND FROM GOD what you want. If GOD has created us, he shall give us what we want."

What's weird is that if you ask Yawhew to make you a millionare through prayer... a million dollars will not appear magically in your bank account. He's omnipotent but nope, no money for you. He said "ask and it shall be given to you" in his Holy Book, but nope, "he's not your personal genie", your local priest will say...

After that YOU go and exert all the time and effort necessary to build an awesome online business. Your income can finally sustain your lifestyle and eventually you consider yourself wealthy. And you know what's ironic? That God still takes the credit for all your effort. "It was thanks to Jesus that I am where I am now!!"

uhm... no. It was thanks to you. YOU. Your efforts, the time and energy you put in to learn, network and create massive value to help other people.

Demanding Yawhew, or Brahman, or Amon, or Arceus for your success is as useless as the law of attraction stuff. Just focus on what actually exists: you and other people. Believe in YOURSELF. Believe that if other punks have created powerful businesses online, YOU can do it too. And then, go and take massive action. Learn. Mess up. Try stuff out. Create insanely useful content. Offer people products or services that will rock their world, etc.
James9 Premium
You're right!
Thank you James :D
Shawn Martin Premium
Well said!
anindochk Premium
Thanks :)
mi6rima Premium
mama2karsten Premium
Great post... filled with passion... very meaningful... filled with many truths. Thank You.
anindochk Premium
Thank you mama2karsten! It all boils down to having faith! :)