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It doesn't matter what you want to achieve. The bottomline is that you want it! Unbelievable trials come, sometimes your dreams appear too distant to be true. You cry. cry and cry. You are depressed. You no longer believe in yourself! I ask why? You have cried, that tells you how badly you want it! You have cried, that tells how serious you are for going the distance. DEMAND FROM YOURSELF, DEMAND FROM GOD what you want. If GOD has created us, he shall give us what we want. Let us make the ef
As of now WA has 16,291 people signed up. It is growing as I say. How did I get that figure?Just go to Kyle's profile. See his network. By the current growth rate, it may take another 16 days to double and then maybe the figure could go much beyond 100,000 by the year end. I was trying to figure out, what if businesses are able to sustain themselves without needing an extra market? Where could that place be? The answer is right here - at WA. People need food, clothes and shelter to remain al
Hi Wealthy Affiliates,I am in need of a good voice recording tutorial from any of you. Currently, I am facing a situation where I am not able to record high quality sound. I use a normal mic and voice recorder for the recording. But, with my voice, many unwanted sounds come up during the recording that I cannot remove. How can I edit the sound well so that I remove every little sound except my voice from there?It would be higly appreciable if somebody comes up with a tutorial or else you can alw
Sitting in a couch and talking about the world is not the best thing to do. Things happen, people come and go, governments come and go, but it the people who are stationary. It is they who have all the power to change their own worlds. Today, there is a grave ethnic problem brewing in my nation that has resulted in rumours galore.Immigration is a raging issue worldwide. It is no different in India. In the north east state of Assam lies, BODO, a tribe of plains. They are the indigenous population
As a sports lover, I was overwhelmed by these two people. Every Olympics brings in new people, new set of stars, new techniques of mastering sports, but these two just remain in their positions. Of course Phelps having admitted as this being his last one saddened me immensely. But then, who can forget him - The person with the most number of medals in the history of Olympics! Whuff!!!! These people are called true champions. They are just relentless. In Beijing, Phelps took everything in swimmin
I had interest in Twitter since a long time. My first website had 1000 followers and i was over the moon. I have decided to market all of my websites through twitter henceforth. A few days back I opened an account on it for my new website. In 2 days, got loads of followers. I also bought a book about twitter marketing - "Twitter Marketing - An Hour A Day " by Hollis Thomases. As soon as I bought the book and started reading it I realized, that my whole concept about of marketing in Twitter was
It has been two weeks since I started my website Internet Sales Rules. I was anxious what and how to go about it. From the choice of design to understanding and trying out too many things, my mind was frenzied with radical thoughts. But, that is what stands out in WA. You keep getting words of wisdom that help you not only to achieve financially, but stay calm and focused in life. As the calmness grew in, I realized that designs and colors are just the cosmetics of a brand. It is the value from
Just dowloaded File Zilla and Netbeans for some heavy coding sessions with a friend. CSS and HTML are the two easiest of languages to learn for a coder and I am giving it a shot. Although I know other technology languages, but HTML and CSS have a market of their own. The best thing about them is their live viewable features that make them so cool. You just have to make a single code change and behold - there is a change in the appearance. The adrenaline rushes in the deepest experiences for a co
I am very confused over the last few days as to what I should sell. I started writing a book on Karma and the underlying philosophy behind it 3 months back. I have been very busy with studying people as to how they react to situations and whether or not the reactions appear Karmic or not. Even if they are not Karmic, there is a semblance of Karma in them. So now, after writing the book for while, I had developed a side interest in Affiliate marketing. Now, the love seems to stay and I want to pr
June 19, 2012
During my college days, there was a trend of becoming socially savvy over the net. Top ranks were given to those who were bloggers and they were always held in high esteem. In that very situation, I developed an inclination towards blogging. To be honest, I already had a writing flair but then blogging is something different to a newbie. So, I decided to do something different (of course, being different, was also a hot trend).I gathered some friends, tried to motivate them and then reached a co
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