Living in Mexico with Kids

Last Update: June 17, 2015

A few people have asked me what it's like to live here in Mexico with my kids. There is so much I could write, so I decided to write a little about it in a blog.

Living in Mexico has been a great experience for my 4 youngest kids ages 9,8,8,and 5

(My oldest is 21 and loves to come visit but he doesn't live here with us. He lived in Brazil growing up). First, I'll say that it hasn't been all easy. As you can imagine, each child faces different challenges with adjusting because of his/her unique personality and temperament. But they are still young so I think it would be much more difficult if they were tweens or teenagers. Anyway, they go to a Mexican school and are having to learn Spanish on the fly. I think this is the best way. I could have spent a lot of money enrolling them in a fancy private school (not really an option, but hypothetically speaking) where they have english teachers, or teachers that speak English, but I know they are capable of learning this cold-turkey way. I have total confidence in my kids and in the school. What I love about living here, besides the gorgeous weather, is the big open market where you will find everything under the sun and more. But also, all the little shops and stands (family owned) everywhere with everything freshly made: produce, dairy, butchers, bakeries, candies, etc... You could walk any direction and find anything you need within a couple of blocks. Not just consumables, but hardware, paper, flowers, gifts, car parts, glass, lumber, dentists, clinics, miscellaneous or convenience stores, it just goes on and on. And then there are the mobile businesses bearing water, pastries, bread, honey, cleaning supplies, gas, ice cream and other snacks. You just have to get to know their individual calls and/or schedules. I love being able to send my kids around the corner to buy fruits and vegetables, and fresh tortillas, milk, eggs, cheese, whatever. It's wonderful to see them take charge and figure out what they can get with the pesos that I give them and ask for a half, quarter, or whole kilo or just say, I'll take 10 pesos worth of.... They have friends at school and friends in the neighborhood, (we are only 2 blocks from the school.) Last week we had a birthday party for my youngest son, and it was really wonderful. There were tons of kids and just to hear them laugh and run around the yard while we barbecued and the adults chatted was great. We were able to rent a trampoline, a bouncy house with a slide and tables and chairs for the whole afternoon/evening for under $100usd. Which brings me to the next amazing thing about living in Mexico, the cost of living for someone like me, a middle-income struggling american, is extremely affordable. I can afford a gardener, and a housekeeper (gardener 2x a month, housekeeper 1x per week) and 4 kids in a small, private school . My husband lives and works in the states and can only come every couple of months, so, I'm here on my own with 4 young children and I seriously appreciate this kind of help around the house. It makes for a much calmer existence. At home, between our work schedules, I was going batty trying to manage the house and kids. We could barely afford a babysitter once in a blue moon. No way could we have managed a gardener or a housekeeper. Well, I've said enough for now. Thanks for the question. I hope I was able to give you an adequate snapshot of what it's like.

Below: The 3rd grade class getting ready for the traditional dance they did for us moms on Mothers' Day.

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JewelCarol Premium
Oh, you have such beautiful daughters, you are indeed blessed. :)) Thanks so much for sharing, Anny, love yr story. ;))
JeanL Premium
That's lovely. I would love to have a market like that!
SarahAnt Premium
Wonderful story of your life in Mexico. So lovely to read. Makes me yearn for travel again...!! It also made me think that I should tell people a bit more of my life in Dubai as I'm always asked about that too.

Back to you - and Mexico - for now though. Sounds like you have a fabulous time there - and it also sounds like an amazing place to bring up your kids!


bsmith1222 Premium
Interesting to hear of life in Mexico. Thanks for sharing!
Prestones Premium
Great to hear!

All too often I've been told of folks vacationing that saw little of Mexico beyond their gated community - a sort of oasis in the middle of the 'Wild, Wild West'. The picture you've painted is quite different!

Were you fluent in Spanish before moving, or are you learning with the kids?

Andziabel Premium
Hi Dennis, Thanks for your comment. There was a time when I was totally fluent in Spanish because my mom took us to live in Mexico as kids and my siblings and I had a similar experience to what we're having here now. But I am having to practice and study to get back to fluency. So, I'm re-learning Spanish as they are learning ( along with so many other things come to think of it!)