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Those who know me know that what you see is what you get. I don’t hide who I am. Actually I am quite proud of who I am. I have worked hard to make me, well, me. Sure we won’t agree on everything, but I will listen to anyone. I run Linear Liquid Creative Design Studio along with my business partner and am responsible for making websites and marketing them.

I am a practicing Christian. I am not ashamed of my faith at all. With that being said, I will not take a Bible and bash you over the head with it.

I have a nine year old son who just runs me ragged. My son has a joy and curiosity about him that just fascinates me to no end. He is always wanting to learn and try new things.

I used to teach video production and 3D animation at a private school in Texas. Before that I worked for Apple as a Creative, or for those who don’t know, a trainer. It was my job to teach Apple users how to use the hardware and software so they could get the most from their investment. I really do like teaching. I want to make a difference in the lives of the people I meet. While it might not seem like a video production teacher can make a difference, I believe that we all leave an impression on everyone we meet.

Last year I received my Master of Science degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University. It seems as though I have been a perpetual student since receiving my original BBA in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management from the University of North Texas in 2000, but I believe that continuing education is important. I really enjoy learning. I think learning is a lifelong process and those who stop learning are doing a terrible disservice to themselves. After studying various things such as web design, 2D and 3D animation, and visual effects, I decided that in order to be truly competitive in today’s market I needed to gain some skills in marketing. Once I saw the online program from Full Sail, I knew that I had to take it.

Although I am familiar with Internet marketing for for business, I am new to affiliate marketing. I am looking to get a few affiliate sites up and running to help me reach my personal dreams. Although business is picking up steadily, i want to see what else is out there and how affiliate marketing can work. I am really looking forward to interacting with the community.
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Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
kennnyb Premium
Andy, thanks for the follow. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. You have just found the right place to learn all there is to know about this online marketing community and how to build a highly successful business.
Just remember, this is a marathon race, not a short sprint.
So just have in mind that this online business success is not only going to take a lot of hard work from you but also dedication and plenty of time as you cannot become successful in a day or two.
Don't be in a hurry for success. Just do things right the first time around and success will meet you the harder you work.
Follow Kyle's videos and instructions and if you get stuck....well.......that is what the community is for! Just ask and you will receive everyone’s help each other out because we all care!
TKinser Premium
Thanks for the follow and Welcome to WA Andy ... it's a great place to learn and make new like minded friends. Here's to your success!