Three Years in The Perfect Company

Last Update: August 17, 2018

It is three years since I am in good company of WA.

By skipping all the ups and downs my conclusion is- great value place to stick around.

Money talks? Let's say, enough to cover the costs associated with WA (not just Black Friday deal) and this year I sailed the beautiful Royal Caribbean Western Mediterranean cruise with family.

But not all so bright as I wanted as I've become lazy with writing because the money from Amazon comes without doing nothing more.

How long? I guess that Mr.G soon will notice that and my top money post rankings will start to fall. Summer is almost gone so it is time to work as I have really good ideas to do.

Thanks to all WA friends. But Today is three years anniversary and the little party in honor of that.

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JTowsley Premium
3 years, good for you! I hope that you see much more success in the future!
dchapman3 Premium
Congratulations on your anniversary.

I just passed 6 months.. My wife and I have made a lifestyle change as we have recently transitioned onto a RV living life as we leased our house to our daughter.

Making this change has impacted my ability to work my business at WA, but I seem to be getting back on track.

Making adjustments in life is what it is all about sometimes.
Elijah1916 Premium
Congratulations, but you still need continuous and sustainable effort my dear.
andrel Premium Plus
Thanks, Lanu. I have so many ideas and things to do and as the third years WA anniversary gift I have $1480 Amazon ordered items yesterday, still just ordered, but the feeling is good.
MBjorn Premium
Congratulations on the anniversary.

All the best for your future endeavours, and taking up writing again. I'm sure your new content will be great!

Best wishes,
andrel Premium Plus
Thanks Michael and I certainly do it. Some rest is not so bad at all.