Going Premium!

Last Update: February 24, 2015

As the title implies. I have chosen to give the premium membership a try.

Why not? I couldn't turn down such an awesome opportunity and it's special price away!

I wanted to try it out so I could get first hand experience. I can always go back to the free account which is possible depending on my financial situation. But I digress, I am happy that I made the decision none the less.

This is an unique and amazing community and place to build valuable networks and learn how to create my own online business. I was a bit skeptical at first of course because of previous encounters from other sites that aren't as helpful as here. I plan on being here for a long time and working with people on their dreams.

I am here to support others with positive vibes and intent. Be sure to tune in when ever you can on my blog posts for interesting information on various topics:)

I am very humble and appreciative of being here and being of some assistance to all.

See you on the top my friends and remember it's not a race but progress towards Success!

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Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome Andre, I know you are going to really love Premium and going forward and as you work through the training, you are going to make some wonderful progress.

Remember, success is the result of "action" and "hard work". Everything else you have here at WA to facilitate you along the way, and if you add those two items to the mix you are going to do very well! :)
AndreBurt Premium
Thank you for the support Kyle. It is very refreshing to be speaking to other successful Individuals such as yourself.
kennnyb Premium
Thank you for the post
AndreBurt Premium
No problem Ken and thank you for the positive reply. Sending many positive vibes towards your road to success!
floridajf Premium
Great! You are going to make a fantastic addition to the team. I know for a fact that you are going to love it here :D Congrats on going Premium btw, you are really going to love it here :)
AndreBurt Premium
Thank you for the warm welcome. I am happy to be part of a fantastic community.