This is so funny! You want to read it!

Last Update: September 09, 2016

Hey folks ,

So today I'm just going to have you laugh a little.

English is not my native language , I've been living in the US for 2 years , and in the UK for 1 , I speak pretty good , I got a good accent and my vocabulary is actually pretty rich.

But. Grammar isn't really my thing. I always have a few typo errors on my articles , and sometimes I can't express my concepts easily, but it's not an issue as I keep rolling anyways and my website is actually going well.

So what's the funny thing ?

I wrote my WA review a week ago and i'm not just completely satisfied with it. And since the review is one of the most important pages on my sites ( It's the page that has to convert ) I thought that maybe I could hire an english writer to check it and correct it eventually.

So, I found Iwriter , where you can have writers from all over the world write an article for you , and I thought to give it a try.

I tried to explain what I was looking for in detail , I also told the writer to check my WA review and get inspired by it , to have a look around and so forth.

After a few hours it comes with it. I made some snaps, I'll show it to you below. I probably think that he "articled spin" it as a lot of things don't really make sense. but either way , there was a phrase that made me really laugh about backlinks!

It says : "you can type in the search area "tutorial backlinks" and you get 95 tutorial backlinks from the community... Ahahahah , i was just reading Kyle article that stated to not use backlinks as they are not useful anymore.

Another part said that people here can look for jobs and hire people..

...Really funny , I think I'm just gonna keep writing my articles on my own , until I earn enough money online to pay a real writer.

Have a look at my website anyways and give me some feedback. I'd really appreciate it.

Cheers and wish you best! Ady.

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ridesisapis Premium
Your articles are good, Andrea, definitely click bait for anyone interested in internet/affiliate marketing. You don't need them rewritten, just get a proof read off somewhere like Fiverr.

Yeah, you get what you pay for, but Fiverr prices is all you need to get any article looked over, and any obvious errors corrected. Just make sure to choose a native English speaker.

Takes some trial and error to find a good person on Fiverr, but I've used a guy off there a couple times now with good results. I can message you his link if you want?

Whole articles I've not requested from Fiverr but I'd be wary because you see ads like "I will write 5 original 500 word articles for $5" - and anyone offering that amount of work (research and write) for so low a sum is just spinning pre-existing articles and/or producing rubbish.

Fiverr are also good to use to get a custom banner or logo created for your site on the cheap. Again, it's hit and miss and you need a clear idea of what you want because it's quick turn around, factory-conveyor belt for designers to make any money out of it, and you don't get a "design meeting"(!) but for the money it's sufficient for some projects.

Your site is one of the best looking ones I've seen thus far. Spurred me to redesign my own (as much as you can with the layout map and widgets).

andreamonti Premium
Hey A.

Good talking to you again.

It's great that you appreciate the content and think it has some potential CR , as i've seen you are particularly professional, or I better say . A tough one to convert :P

That should work indeed , you gave me a great way to go about it, if you can link me the writer, it would be awesome so I don't have to waste money.

..Ultimately , thank you for your feedback , I wasn't expecting that , I honestly try to make my website with an effective UX, hoping that it will imprint that in reader's mind and offer useful content.

Today I made a video that promotes my website to boost on facebook.

If you can have a look and let me know what you think about it , it be great :D ( it's pinned at the top ).

Cheers A.

ridesisapis Premium
Hi Andrea, here's the link to that writer:

Did a proof read on a substantial bit of work for me and I was very happy with the results.

Nice video! :) How do you find Facebook? I haven't found it particularly useful for my existing sites. Real world businesses yes, but not internet businesses so far. I've found the best groups are closed and don't like "commercial" sign-ups for fear of spamming and product pushing.

Google+ on the other hand I've found better as a lot of communities are open and hashtags have more effect. Plus the benefits of indexing.

I can see in my analytics that I'm getting some decent traffic off Google+, Facebook not so much. Plus if you're not paying to push your posts to your page's fans, then Facebook isn't likely to show it. I'm thinking of putting aside Facebook for future projects as a drain on time with little tangible benefit.

andreamonti Premium
Oh , finally I get to see your name :D

Ahah, Great Adam, thanks for linking the writer, sooner or later I will get in touch with him.

Facebook honestly didn't get me any satisfying result yet. I do believe it's a great place to place your ads and so forth but.. I guess you need to know exactly how to set a campaign, So i'll be checking on that and try it properly - so far my campaigns didn't quite workout.

After you mentioned Google+ I read an article on the importance of having a Google+ page properly set up, so I ran to do that, but yet still didn't get any traffic from there, probably it's because i've never used it and i'm not familiar with it.

Anyways, at the end i'm really focusing on improving my website and adding content which I think is the most important thing,when I get to 100 published post, I will start focusing on the traffic.

We will see, I'm at 27 published post - 73 to go.

One post per day (average) , so in 2 months and a half , we'll see where i've got. Hopefully I will start earning by then. :D

JudeP Premium
Unfortunately you do get what you pay for. That's one of the reasons I've been posting hints and tips about writing :)
andreamonti Premium
I'll surely go check for them then! Thanks jude
onmyownterms Premium
Yep, that's why I always tell people you *can* hire people off of Fiverr, but you really wouldn't want to. Good fortune to you on your continued journey.
andreamonti Premium
Well , you need to make the mistake to learn from it.
, otherwise you are probably not going to learn from it.

14$ threw and a lesson learned.

The lesson is worth it :D