The Old Lady Snoring Behind Me...

Last Update: July 01, 2012

Friday morning we attended our youngest children's bible school "closing ceremonies". Seated in the last section of seats in the tiny rural church, we parked ourselves (hubby and I) in front of 4 older folks who all smiled and said "You won't block our view, go ahead and sit."
No sooner did the director of children's ministry begin to address us, the noise began.
A small snort at first, we thought it was just someone coughing or sneezing perhaps in a wierd way? It couldn't have been what it sounded like. Then the ah so familiar deep breath, the pause, and the "Whirrr". I smiled to myself, trying to contain an outburst of laughter as I waited with waited breath for the next note in her song of slumber. Another deep breath, this time a nice loud "Hrrrrzzzsssss". I turned to my husband, who himself was smiling and not looking at me, and let out a small giggle.
Little heads randomly turned around to gaze at this woman who, despite her age and ability to know better, snored with reckless abandon and seemingly "devil may care" attitude!
Oh, she woke up at times when the children got up to sing. But once the music progressed, she got comfortable and chimed in with her own rendition of "tunes you can snore to".
I didn't dare turn around but I could see her from the corner of my eye. Her head was way back on the pew, mouth wide open at times. Her 3 friends (or relatives?) didn't do a thing. They just sat as if nothing was going on!
After the ceremony, a picnic followed. In the parking lot close to the tables was a white van. The snoring offender was seated in a window facing the festivities, snoring away to her hearts content!
God bless her!
She provided humor, and also showed little ones that even grown ups get tired and need naps! She provided a teaching moment about respecting your elders no matter how funny they may sound sometimes, and that she probably was ill, but came anyway to support her family. She was to be commended for that.
I had to write this because I have a special place in my heart for seniors. This woman provided me a smile I won't soon forget. And most everyone in the church that day won't either.
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ThomasPaul Premium Plus
lol, this made me smile too.
Shawn Martin Premium
better to sleep through than not go. What a wonderful story and response. thanks for sharing this, it made me smile.