Good student send home work : course 4 lesson 10

Last Update: February 06, 2017

1) Create How /When /Why social media

How to use social media?

  • Give great content (articles, videos, and pages) to profit my niche
  • Engage my niche by discussion on the hot topic or controversy
  • Private contact for support or offer business opportunities

Why use social media?

  • To increase my brand presence
  • More niche followers = more traffic = more conversion
  • Sell service to your niche, make money from potential customer

When use social media?

  • No more than 30 minutes twice a day
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Awesome. Thank you for sharing.
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thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for sharing!
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Hi, a great reminder of the use of social media. Irv.
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That looks really good. Seems like you have a good handle on things. Keep up the good work.

:) Heather