Last Update: April 27, 2018

I've just received an email from Kyle about the 2 domains that I have which are pending removal.

These are the and

I haven't really worked on the because I also have a blog at blogspot about the same topic. Although there are still a lot to write about.

I thought I would create a website for that to direct my blog of the same title or completely transfer the contents to it but when I was doing that I encountered technical problems which I gave up at once at the sign of difficulty. (talking about not trying very hard)

FYI, it's a blog about the amazing products of Forever Living which markets health and beauty products. Yes the famous MLM company. :)

I am not renewing because....

I thought I would just have it disappeared on the web.

And maybe I should think of a more specific niche for it.

What can you advice?

While the was an idea that just popped up back when I was just starting at Wealthy Affiliate. I was in fact very excited.

I thought it was just that easy... (maybe it is if only I have utilized the resources to really learn)

My inspiration back then was to create awareness on how people especially those using their precious time on social media such as FB or twitter to make their time online profitable by learning through Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Something to that direction. I have at least wrote 7 posts if I can remember it right.

But encountering difficulties coming up with reviews and contents was a struggle to me. (Or maybe that's what I was thinking) or (I wasn't really trying my very best)

So I thought that I would just have it disappeared on the web just like the other one.

And think of another one which has a shorter title and something I have really vast knowledge about. (although everything can be learned)

A REVAMP for that matter.

In totally different direction.

And also thinking of beginning the lessons from the very start again.

Just like someone who just signed up.

What can you suggest?

If you are reading this, please comment your insight below.

Thank you and have a nice day!

All the best,

Arline :)

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AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Arline, Maybe make a backup of your content so you don't lose all the work you have put in on the niche. You can then decide whether to use some or all of that content, or adapt it? Best Alan
amexrn Premium
Hi Alan,

Thanks a lot for the advice. Yes I will do that. But I might keep the myopp.

Have a great week ahead.

Arline :)
accad Premium
I have a domain in Namecheap that expired and did not bother to renew. It's about three years ago. I don't know what Namecheap is doing with it.

The reason why I did not renew is that it is related to my culture and it does not have any connotation about business.

I let it be there for nothing than maintaining it without any gain but instead costing me.
amexrn Premium
Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for your comment, appreciate it. Maybe I keep the myopp.

Have a nice weekend
Arline :).
Steven-A Premium
It's hard to tell someone else what to do. Follow your heart it will never lead you in the wrong direction.
amexrn Premium
Hi Steven,

Thanks again. I will try to feel it in my heart.

Have a nice weekend.
Arline :)
newmarketpro Premium
It looks like you were not certain of your direction on the 2 websites + the other websites. If that is the case, I would second to start all over again. Have a fresh start may help you in what you want to accomplish with the new site.

All the best.

amexrn Premium
Hi Joe,

I guess I will continue with MYOPP. Still 2 days to really think about it. Thanks for the advice.

Have a nice weekend.
Arline :)
David58 Premium Plus
If you are not going to work on these sites any more and don't think the content is relevant, then let them drop. I would make a backup of the sites in case I wanted to start backup again. This way I could add my content back easily, even if it was a different domain.
amexrn Premium
Hi David,

Thanks for your advice, appreciate it. I only have 2 days to think about it.

Still doubting..

Have a nice weekend.

Arline :)