How to get traffic with google, start ranking high in search

Last Update: May 18, 2019

How to get traffic with Google, start ranking high in search

When you get your site ranking high in Google, what happens? You get traffic, and often, lots of it. Having your site ranking high with Google is a great feeling! So how do you do it? Do you want to know how to get traffic with Google? Of course, it starts with ranking high in the search engines but how do you get there?

Earn Google TRUST and get traffic.

If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, we all know how to get traffic. We all know that the answer to ranking high and getting traffic is to follow the training here :) This is because there is no simple secret. There are a lot of factors that go into getting traffic and high rankings with Google.


My path to high traffic and success with Google search

I remember when I was writing and wondering how long it would take for my work to become trusted in Google. It took around 5 months or so. At that point, I felt like this was my for sure career path and I still do.

After my site got ranked high in the search engines, my traffic reached astounding numbers. It has been up and down but steadily growing.

Recently, I had taken a month long break from it and will be planning for that dip in traffic in a couple of months. I say that because what you do on your site today, will really make a difference months from now.

Deleting or revamping old posts

There were some old posts that were not getting ranked so I removed them for revamping. This is telling me that I need better keywords and better target SEO strategies as well as providing better content.

The goal is to build a big online business.

The bigger your website is, the more customers and traffic you will receive as well as potential of more revenue. When you decide to build your website/blog, do your best to think of it "long term" and in time, you can create a substantial and sustainable business.

A small goal is getting your site ranked in Google. Ranking on the first page, especially within the top 3-5 results, will give you significant traffic growth on your website.

Do you wonder if you will get there? I did too, but I kept going and followed the training provided here at Wealthy Affiliate. It works for me and can work for you, just keep building on your knowledge and building out your business okay. :)

Once people can easily find you in search, you will want to keep building out that site.

The bigger goal, the ultimate goal

The ultimate goal is having an authority site with thousands of key word posts available for the world to benefit from.

My advice is to keep it simple and don't lose focus, just keep writing great content!

After time, those posts will rank high in Google and you will be generating lots of traffic and you have a good idea of what that means.

There is a lot I could discuss on this topic but one main important thing, is CONTENT. It is all about QUALITY CONTENT. That is the most basic advice I can give. Write great content and soon, you will personally understand how to get traffic with Google. You will start ranking high in search and then you can focus on reaching the ultimate goal.

Hope this was a quality post with helpful content. After all, that is the goal ;)

I wish you all the ability to strive for the ultimate goal :)

Happy writing!


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FKelso Premium
I agree...we have to keep improving our content writing.
Amelita Premium
Yep, :) keep it basic and simple if possible. Less fluff means better content and better traffic results ya know.

All the best Fran
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Amelita,

Thank you for sharing your helpful tips. This is great!

Yes, I agree Google certainly likes quality content and lots of them.

Amelita Premium
Yes, a true brand with authority is the dream right! :)
Wdcope Premium
This is the secret sauce, the key aspect to being ranked and ultimately the traffic that is needed to see what you offer. Google likes this because you are adding value as they like. Good post!
Amelita Premium
Thank you for your support William :)

Hope all is going well for you.
Wdcope Premium
Yes thanks :) Little behind on the SAC due to a health issue, and now offline internet business, but I will get caught up soon.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Right on target with content frequency and perfect SEO checklist.
Amelita Premium
Its all important for sure!

So much can be said on this topic.

I know so many want to know what takes to get traffic with Google and I am happy to help explain, to some extent, on how to do that. It sure is exciting when you start to rank high in the search engines.

All the best to you Larry
Labman Premium Plus
It sounds like you are making some good progress. Keep up the good work.
Amelita Premium
Thank You Craig, sure am :) and will do :)