Two steps forward one step back

Last Update: August 25, 2017

Life seems to consume us sometimes. My last blog post on my site was August 5th and the last time I did any training on WA was about the same.

No surprise when I came into WA an say my rankings drop 500 plus points. Even more painful of a site was seeing the number of visits to my websites drop drastically.

While trying to work a full time life and a career outside of WA and my websites, it's hard to stop and take time for other aspects of your life that are important, like WA.

WA offers so much as far as training and community. I became truly inspired again this morning after reading other post and blog in our community.

It reminded me that when you have a passion and their is something that you really want, you have to make time in your life to make it happen. We can make excuses as to why we don't have time to write our blog, be in touch with WA, can't make to the gym, can't call a friend and in the end they really are just excuses.

The lesson learned is it's much easier to keep on doing the things you do, especially the easy ones. It's a lot hard to make yourself get outside of your comfort zone and really take step forward for what you want and creating your future.

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Cinderella5 Premium
Nice post.
mickeyb123 Premium
Slowly but surely, that is the key. It is better, of course, to stay on a two or three times a week production plan, but, life does interrupt.
drcmaint Premium
Just keep on trucking.
pablocortina Premium
Keep marching forward. You can do this
MKearns Premium
Readjustment requires that change Amber and life will pitch that at you may times. Let your passion be your guide as you readjust your journey!