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Last Update: August 10, 2020

6 Steps to be Geting Rich

From a little age, many of us have the ambition to be successful. For that,

you must study hard,

you must pass exams,

and then, get a high-paying job are our main study themes.

But, What do you think?

Is every successful people in the world succeed by this method? NO

Many on the list of the most successful people in the world are students who failed during school hours. And almost all of them were rich not out of their high-paying job.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, the world's number one financial advisor, explains a six-step process that should be used instead of the traditional high-paying job that anyone once wanted to succeed financially.

Step 01. Learn Financial Literacy.

Financial literacy is a 100 percent practical thing. Here, financial literacy includes subjects such as economics, economic history, accounting, taxation, investment and business design. Although some of these subjects are found in professional education, Robert says that practical knowledge and decision-making ability are not limited to the curriculum. He says most of the students who pass these subjects fail in real life because they do not grasp the practical parts of it.

Step 02. Choose A Job To Learn.

Most people in the world work for money. but if you want to succeed, you have to do it with the practical knowledge you need to reach your success. Many of the most successful people in the world in the early days, they worked for less pay. But they get more work for experience.

So, according to Robert, you have to do the job for,

1. To develop leadership skills

2. To develop management skills - On finance and business practices.

3. To develop sales and marketing skills.

Step 03. Choose A Mentor Or Person To Follow.

Join with an acquainted person who is successful or who is going to succeed in the future. Then, you can acquire the practical knowledge and strength you need reach your target. Following a successful person is the easiest way to succeed.

For that Wealthy Affiliate is the great support for us, Kyle and Jay teach and train us in everyway to reach real target. Carson and team they support us to technological aspects. What do you think, still do you think to need more. They provide more facilities to follow the success stories, teaching, technologies and every community support and site support.

Step 4. Work For Yourself Instead Of Working For Money

Instead of working for money, set aside more time each day to achieve your dreams and goals. Use the knowledge and skills gained from your job for that. To build a business, strive to have a team that works for you.

Step 5. Strive To Make Money

Seize opportunities that other people do not. Focus on investments instead of savings.

Step 6. Release The Benefits Of Getting Rich To Society.

It is a religious belief that the greatest benefit comes from giving (donation), But, as Robert says, it's the main success factor that anyone to success. According to him, one of the secrets of becoming rich is giving (donation). In practice, it is astonishing that almost everyone on the list of the world's richest people has set aside a portion of their income to donate from the very beginning.

OK. I will suggest you to add your comment and join the discussion what do you think of these six steps.

Donate others with knowledge you can rich with knowledge and people or community (Popular).

Donat others with money you can rich with money.

Which one do you need? Try your best. Good Luck



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JosonInc Premium
Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, is an example of a person who learned the ropes of becoming wealthy using known principles and fully applying himself and his acquired knowledge in creating his wealth.

My own observation of why a lot of us fail, is our inability to fully apply ourselves and putting these principles to work. We learn the principles but we never put them into action. I am one of these folks who has not applied what I am learning about business and making money as a result.

Great post Sam.

The best to you.

AmazeCPS Premium
Don't think so, because, many succefull peoples also were fail many time, but ultimately they foud a best suit solution and method to do their job, invest their money. you also will find the real and effective method in one day. keep in touch by finding it. Thank you and Good Luck
JosonInc Premium
Persistence in reaching our goals is the most needed ingredient.

LatinNomad Premium
Thank you Sam. Great motivational post. Thank you.

AmazeCPS Premium
Happy about it, Thevor. You are welcome.
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Sam,

Some good tips in your post.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks, Taetske. Good Luck.
EdwinBernard Premium
Great post. Another way to think of this eventual goal is to make money work for you rather than working for money. That is how the rich do it.


AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks Edwin.
Joes946 Premium
Great post Sam and good information.
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks Joe.