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Last Update: October 19, 2015

Write to get a reaction!!

I have been at WA for 5 months now and I am feeling the pressure to monetize !! I keep writing and google analytics= 0! zero everywhere so I change it...restructure, change a theme, read more, keep writing, get up again and keep going...

I will not despair and I am determined!!!! keep going everyone

WA community members can be your prompt and guide to keep you on track so keep writing reading as many blogs on here as possible and keep following the training.


1. Read more books to help you learn new words, styles, descriptions and ultimately become a better writer. The more you write the better you get.

2.Write everyday..prioritise your time and just do it!!!!

3. Say your thoughts, dreams, ideas out loud and record them into one of those dictaphones! actually its 2015 so maybe your phone..

4. Write like you are writing a letter or email to one person who is really enthusiastic about the topic you are posting about then publish it. Nothing to lose

5. Start the opening introduction with a proper AWESOME headline!! this is what you want your reader to think..."wow I want to read this and nothing else about this subject and I want to read on because I'm hooked!!! "

6. Get personal I have written in this style in one of my posts which is about a horrible travelling experience...its one of my first posts so its probably a bit rubbish but its real, entertaining and authentic and its my personal experience which no one else had apart from my travelling companion.

7. I can relate!!!! Is what starts up friendships in life, you have something in common so you develop a friendship...try doing this with your writing relate what your writing about to your own experience...people love that!!!

I am learning everyday about this and I am determined to succeed and you will too if you keep going. Learn by practising and keep building..we can totally do this and hope this helps.

Have a great Tuesday everyone,



Find your inspiring place in the world to write and create awesome content. ...this would be mine : )

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Kyle Premium
The 3-4 month mark is usually when a website achieves authority and starts making a break into the search engine rankings (in a big way). If you are constantly producing quality, keyword centric content and getting engagement within that content) you are going to start to see more and more rankings and more traffic as result.

Here is my approach to keywords and building out my content within any niche: Have a peek at this if you are finding it tough to get rankings as this will give you a lot of perspective and direction Sarah.
tclough Premium
I like those tips Sarah. The write to one person one (tip 4) especially struck a cord with me. I will try hard to keep that in mind as I write and edit content.

Thank you,
GeorgeVas Premium
Awesome tips Sarah! Onward and Upward!
krazykat Premium
Great tips Sarah.
I especially like your inspiring place :)
Maxiam59 Premium
these are great tips and I thank you for sharing them all the best