Using many different keywords in one post and utizlizing FAQs?

Last Update: December 23, 2012
Hello everyone,

As I've finished the lump part of setting up my blog and getting it prepared for traffic, I'm now starting to focus more on writing articles based on keyword research.

In doing so, a few itching questions have come up along the way.

My chosen niche is portable washing machines, as many of you may know by now.

In my search for keywords, I have come across many 'question-form' keywords about my niche and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to attack all of these keywords in one place: a page dedicated to FAQs or, if not that, a post providing information about my niche paying special attention and dedicating, at least, a paragraph to answering each of these keyword questions.

I'm wondering, could I do this without Google thinking that I am just trying to stuff or over-saturate my content with different keywords, or would I be safe to have different keywords as the question (or part of it), and then answer it with naturally written and unique, content?

If anyone has any suggestions or tips, please do let me know.

Thanks so much!
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dazzlefish Premium
Tried to tweet your article and twitter refused because of the link format. The buttons at the top of article could help you if we use them.
@RICH. Premium
Hey Franco.

I "think" I understand the question. If not, apologies for this rubbish in advance!

You can certainly do just a FAQ with keywords but remember, search engines are unlikely to rank you for doing it. The rule-of-thumb at the moment is a minimum 400 word post or page per keyword. What I'd probably do is create a 400 word post on, say, "Do portable washing machines need to be plumbed in?" (sorry for the oxymoron) then have a FAQ page with summaries such as:

Q. Do portable washing machines need to be plumbed in?
A. No. .... read more ....

With the "read more" linked to the post.

That combination would hopefully satisfy your readers and the search engines as well.

alltoohuman Premium
Interesting idea. And I might use it. Thanks!