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Hello everyone,As I've finished the lump part of setting up my blog and getting it prepared for traffic, I'm now starting to focus more on writing articles based on keyword research.In doing so, a few itching questions have come up along the way.My chosen niche is portable washing machines, as many of you may know by now.In my search for keywords, I have come across many 'question-form' keywords about my niche and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to attack all of these
I have a lot of ebooks and other recources for academic (university level) information about a wide range of subjects such as philosophy, sociology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, history, archeology, geology, and so on and so on and I was wondering what niche I could make use of all this information.I was thinking something like 'tutoring' or 'guides to learning...'Does anyone think this would be a good niche or have ideas for better keywords?Please share!