We give it what we've got and then some

Last Update: August 28, 2017

We give it what we've got (and then some)

We draw inspiration to continue from many sources. We have our heroes, whether they be real, living or dead, or fictional.

I am not much into using a modern soap character with doubtful moral ideals and susceptibility to scandal and intrigue as my role model. Give me a reliable cartoon character, with defined edges and predictable results.

Todays's problems are solved today. Tomorrow still produces a pristine hero, ready for action again. My choice ~ this is my upbringing.The more I apply myself without legs, the more they become irrelevant, even to the point of being a mere inconvenience. I marvel at the ability of others who have real challenges.

Let us try to imagine Helen Keller, without sight or hearing, and by implication, speech, running a telephone campaign; a little difficult perhaps. And yet unsighted persons, even hearing impaired, excel in this field. Individuals have their own successful businesses even though they have no sense of the advantages of their products.

Imagine a person with severe muscular restrictions selling complicated machinery, or a person with disabilities including sight and taste running a cooking show. We limit ourselves by what should be: human endeavor is magnified by what could be.

My quote today comes from coaching for disabled people.
The bigger your struggle, the more duty you have to create success.

It certainly sounds like ill-applied tough love, rude and insensitive even. In my view, not so. Differently abled people are in the race for excellence as well as their conforming neighbors.

Look out for them, or, in you complacency, be at risk of being run over.


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Jaunesk Premium
Good sharing
DebbieRose Premium
I have to think about that. As a disabled person, I don't like to think of myself any differently than others...so why should I put more pressure on myself to succeed. I want to succeed, just as anyone here on WA. But I hear the motivation and inspiration in your words. Thanks for sharing. Debbie
MKearns Premium
Drawing inspiration from and giving life to characters is what makes writing so vibrant Larry. All necessary for an inspirational message!
subcpo14 Premium
Solid in concept and truth. Best regards, J
BillandSue Premium
Hi Larry,
Nice thoughts. I will ponder, evaluate and took a good look at self for improvement . Thanks again.