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Last Update: Feb 23, 2017


Video had long remained a mystery to me. Over decades I had played with it, distracting myself more than anything, and surprising family members occasionally.

Now I am at a time where video productions might be the means of prospering my on-line business. Keep them short and to the point, with enough variety to entertain and inform prospective buyers.

Video clips, stills, transitions, audio tracks, practice with video editors; all within my reach and capability - a whole new world.

Do I appear in my own how to series? Or do I find a professional substitute? What about my glove puppet, Kevin the Koala, being promoted to the starring role. Clients might avoid my rugged looks - but they will tell their life story to a stuffed animal. Cyril the Ground Hog will definitely want his turn as talent.

Camera, lighting and background produce a set suitable for my productions. My latest find, a video light with 160 leds, along with its color change filters puts me in a new world.

What if I write a script and then use Text to Speech? Then I can have the commentary read perfectly by a computer voice, man or woman, a choice of national accents, without human hesitations. I have a preference for US woman at slightly faster than normal pace - seems to have a little level of irritation that demands attention. Previous posts might be re-purposed as scripts; lots of possibilities.

With small steps and a written production schedule I am now a movie maker.

Recent Comments


Go for it Larry-you have so many ideas. You now only need the action!

You're in the big times now Larry. Way to promote the business. Looking forward to your future productions.

I'm waiting to see the next one Larry. I subscribed to your Youtube channel also, you are a true inspiration to me .

A great endeavor Christie!

thanks for sharing!

Congratulations, Larry. an Oscar in your future, perhaps? ;-)


Thanks for this.

Thanks for the post.

Hi Larry, an excellent share. Irv.

Thank s for sharing

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