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February 20, 2020
I have been very disappointed with the lack of customer service that is prevalent at Wealthy Affiliate. Especially when personal requests from Kyle and Carson are continuously ignored, or responded to with a form letter in an email. When I was looking for help, other members did their best to help me, but when I needed technical assistance, I needed to talk with a person in "real time." So, my suggestion is that a customer support team be made available to all WA members. For example, when I ha
July 28, 2018
Oregon is on fire. The forest fires are raging, about 160 in total. Most of them are in southern Oregon, where my wife and I live. In addition to this, it has been extremely hot and dry (no, it doesn't rain in Oregon all the time), making the firefighters jobs a lot more difficult.These fires started innocently enough, following a series of lightning strikes nearly two weeks ago. The increased smoke and fire danger has caused many evacuations, and there are many other families that are "on aler
A True Story - Believe it or NotAs I approach my twilight years, I find myself reflecting upon the vast amount of memories of my former self that enter my mind daily. It may seem that I exaggerate and/or stretch the truth. Some of the facts may be out of order, or appear to be tainted truth. However, the essence of this episode is real, and quite memorable.These series of events took place in my late twenties, when I was footloose and fancy free. I had recently failed to obtain a job as a dolph
January 09, 2018
I just received notice that I'm in the top 200. That encourages me to know that I'm ascending the mountain of success, and that there are a lot of other benchmarks to achieve.
January 07, 2018
Where Has Respect and Honor Gone? In the United States, many professional football players have lost respect for our flag and the patriots who have fought for our country. During the playing of the National Anthem on Sundays (as well as other days when games are scheduled), many players in the National Football League (NFL) have decided to protest by kneeling or standing with fist-in-air. In my opinion, this is wrong. As a youngster I became an avid fan of my hometown professional football team
How to Be Happy and Healthy Beyond 40There is a "health" plan (aka directionH) that I have been following now for several years. Within this plan, there is a Design for Life for everyone to be happy and healthy beyond 40. At age 70, it has given me more than a choice of better foods to eat. It has provided an education about many misconceptions that we (the American public) have been taught. The truth will be revealed in this review.Founded by Dr. Thomas Wilson and his wife Pamala, their compan
December 30, 2017
How to Organize Your Schedule Time management is directly related to how well a person organizes his or her schedule. I suggest creating an "ideal" calendar - either on paper or electronically - so that you can manage your time, and not allow your schedule to manage you. Your calendar needs to be used as more than just a list of scheduled appointments and time commitments. This is important, but not the most important way it can be used. One key in establishing your "ideal" schedule is to manag
December 27, 2017
What is a Man?In today's world there is much confusion about what defines the character of a man and, ultimately, what defines a "real" man. Personally, I grew up not knowing a father who could teach me about growing from boyhood to manhood. I didn't have a model of the path I should follow to become a man, and to know how to direct my passions and develop a purpose in life.Now, fast forward to 2013. I had the opportunity to experience a "rite of passage" that would provide a means to know the
December 25, 2017
It looks like the slideshow from my last blog didn't appear. I hope this one works. Again, Merry Christmas to all, and make it a joy-filled day!
December 25, 2017
Merry Christmas to all the Wealthy Affiliate associates. Have a joy-filled day! Now here are some beautiful sights and sounds for your viewing and listening pleasure.