Happy, Healthy Living Beyond 40

Last Update: January 04, 2018

How to Be Happy and Healthy Beyond 40

There is a "health" plan (aka directionH) that I have been following now for several years. Within this plan, there is a Design for Life for everyone to be happy and healthy beyond 40. At age 70, it has given me more than a choice of better foods to eat. It has provided an education about many misconceptions that we (the American public) have been taught. The truth will be revealed in this review.

Founded by Dr. Thomas Wilson and his wife Pamala, their company, directionH, has helped thousands return to health and wellness while achieving and maintaining their ideal size/weight.

There is a lot of contradiction these days about how to make healthful decisions and how to simply feel good from day to day. There is so much information available about what to eat and how to supplement our diet, but unfortunately there are also a lot conflicting views.

Dr. Wilson speaks about the purpose of directionH for a happy and healthy life.

Super Smart Foods

Dr. Wilson takes the mystery and confusion out of these conflicting views on health and nutrition with his approach based on the design of how good health works. All of the products he has formulated are labeled SuperSMARTFoods™. They are nutritional herbs that are manufactured and produced in southern Oregon at directionH. Each one has a specific purpose to help balance your eating habits. It is not a diet plan, but rather a guide to establishing a healthy lifestyle.

As a chemist, Dr. Wilson has over 40 years of participation in directing clinical assessments of over 189 different nutritional supplements. In addition, he has formulated over 178 herbal supplements, 17 nutrient-complex meal replacements, a biologically safe and economical food-growing system, a survival food system, a planet-friendly fertilizing system, a natural infant’s formula and an animal health management system.

Dr. Wilson has lectured to healthcare providers and the public throughout the United States on many subjects including brain function, nutritional formulating, and practical nutritional application. In addition, he has counseled over 600,000 patients on nutrition and lifestyle eating patterns.

Detoxifying the Body

The need for detoxifying the body is not just important, it is essential. For many people it is critical. When a person lives outside the margins of good dietary and other lifestyle choices over time, he or she is likely to experience inflammation, pain and dysfunction. As a result of getting away from the Design of Life, that person becomes toxic and congested.

But there is hope in restoring health, wellness, energy, restful sleep, weight loss, balanced blood sugar, and a better quality of life. SuperSMARTFoods™ were created to meet the demand for high quality micro and macro nutrition in the modern era we live in. At its core directionH has formulated all natural, whole food/herbal solutions to deal with this epidemic of chronic disease and pain, the cause of which is mostly inflammatory states and imbalances in the body. This detoxification program addresses all of the above as well as working with the needs of the body for survival and health by gently supporting the vital organs - namely the brain, heart, kidneys and liver.

There is much more technical information that could be written here, but I don't want to overload my readers with too much information. Rather, I will briefly discuss my own experience in closing this short review.

My Journey

As a lover of carbohydrates, the herbs have drastically reduced my appetite for them. I have discovered the addictive nature of carbs, and the long-term detrimental effect it has on my body. Each of the herbs I use work in combination with the others, but are taken at specific times during the day in order to provide the maximum benefit to my health.

The herbs are designed to help remove toxins while also assisting in the reduction of fat and size loss. In general they effect the whole body, including an increase in proper brain function. They give specific "instructions" to the body, which helps to reset the patterns that have been developed during years of not-so-healthy eating habits.

As a result of using these herbs over the past couple of years, and learning how to eat more balanced meals, I have become much healthier and happier with the way I look and feel. And I get to eat balanced and nutritional meals like the one pictured below.

To your health and happiness in 2018.


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somg Premium
I appreciate your post. I have huge food allergies and my body has led me to what is good for me. As a personal trainer I consult with people on nutrition quite a bit. Can you tell me more about these herbs and your nutrition journey?
Elijah1916 Premium
With a balanced and nutritional meal like the one shown, one doesn't really need any supplement. I am a great believer in 'Let food be they medicine'. There's a medical scam going around now with supplement, which is a huge niche in USA.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Great writing!
MKearns Premium
This is aa great niche and an attractive presentation Tony!
MKearns Premium
Sorry Allan Just got off Tony Hamilton's post. This is a great niche!
AllanSiegel Premium
Thanks, Mike. I appreciate your feedback.