Social Media Anxiety Disorder

Last Update: February 20, 2020

Do you feel your life is revolving around Social Media?

For many people, most of the day is spent reading and responding to messages from people they don't really know, but somehow, it seems essential ... as you are building a business!

It supersedes all other priorities, even when out with kids, you may be taking calls or responding to messages, while they wait for your attention!

Social media is often referred to as an "Energy Vampire"!

It drains us ... as we compare our own lives, to that of "apparent" millionaires and people with thousands or millions of contacts and followers.

Studies show, the fastest way to low self-esteem is through comparing ourselves to other people.

As you see success all around you may tell yourself, I am happy for those who succeeded, and I am happy for their success ... they have worked hard and are so good at what they do, they deserve to be really successful and be recognized up on the stage.

But secretly you are thinking ...

  • I failed
  • I did not achieve my goal
  • I am not up on the stage ... like the successful people

And your self-confidence and self-esteem drops to the basement!

Escaping the trap!

The most important thing is to review your own expectations and adjust them to reflect your level of knowledge, (what is really required), what you are capable of accomplishing, and the amount of time you have available.

Reset your own expectations to a level that is achievable!

It is different for everyone ... if you are holding down a full time job it is not reasonable to invest another 10 hours every day in your online activities!

Find a balance, between career (job), online marketing and the beautiful world just outside ... it is waiting for you to enjoy, to recharge, to re energize yourself!

Stop comparing yourself to others ... your only competitor is yourself, to do a little more and do it better each week, month or year. That is how success can be measured in a healthy and satisfying way.

Schedule time each and every day ... to simply turn off the computer! Even book entire days or week breaks where you can disconnect and leave the chatter, the noise, the messages and popups and notifications behind!

Let them wait!

There is nothing so urgent that you must answer immediately ...

Let people know you take health breaks and are not a slave to your computer or mobile phone ... responses will be sent when you are at your computer.

Turn off notifications on your mobile devices ... do not answer phone calls, except from those who may need you your help, the kids or family members.

No business calls when taking your break!

This is YOUR time ...

Unplugging is very therapeutic ... focus on the things that matter most!

Social Media is a mentally, emotionally, and physically draining environment!

Get away from social media drama!

All those people constantly posting their opinions for the world to see, as if they are a recognized authority on everything!

Simply avoid all social media for a few days ... give it a try!

I guarantee that you will feel recharged, refreshed, and re-energized as a result!

And guess what ... most of those urgent messages, were not urgent at all ... they will have resolved themselves in some other way!

  • Be happy
  • Regain your physical and mental health
  • Find positive messages in everything you do
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Invest in YOURSELF!

Awaken Your Potential

Allan Curtis

Certified Professional Hypnotist

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Suzay Premium Plus
Hi Allan, I love WA.
For now, I still have a crappy little food stamp phone.
It doesn't do what other people's phones do. So I don't know
what I'm missing. Except Facebook is more like Fleshbook, and Same Old, Same Old.
But other people are missing what I have at WA, like peace, encouragement, education at my pace, a sense of community. Someone's always available so a light is always on!
My time is never wasted at WA, rather you all are my delights, because I learn so many diverse things from you!
I see my perspective as WA is the greater, grander thing, the path to freedom. The social media are tools to engage people on them so they can find us and the unique offerings and value we bring to their lives.
Thank you Allan, Suzay
allancurtis Premium
Suzay .. I would say you have a very healthy relationship with Social Media ... don't worry about all the "features"! 😉
WA is a very positive environment and provides a sense of calm for members who come here to share and to help others.
Best wishes ..
Feochadan Premium Plus
Amen! I actually feel guilty if I don’t reply promptly to all of my social emails. It’s a treadmill that we need to learn to take breaks from. Thank you for the excellently written article that seemed to pointed right at me. It is definitely good to take screen breaks for my own stress levels.
allancurtis Premium
Hi Darlene, if it seemed to be "talking" to you, I accomplished my goal ... no need to feel guilty, though!

There is only one person on the entire earth who can keep you healthy and happy .. that person is YOU!

Give your own needs the highest priority ... above everything else!

Without good health, physically, emotionally and spiritually you will struggle with achieving your goals.

Best wishes
anjumshahlla Premium
Great post! We have some control but our children are totally into social media drama. They can not take their hands off the different media’s. It has become so powerful that teen agers can not stay away from it at all. What strategy we can use for children?
Thank you so much
allancurtis Premium
Shahila ... yes it is very troubling ... it is not only children but adults who are seeking a better life through interactions online. The experts still are bickering over terminology and definitions .. but there is a very real societal shift occurring ... we are exposed to lies, false news, rumour, violence, porn, bullying, and gruesome images, at an alarming rate ... unfortunately the filters to deal with all this data, are absent and our subconscious mind just sucks it in ...
anjumshahlla Premium
Yes, I agree. In this situation the only safe guard is our self control. I think I must try to develop self control in my children. I have self control but not with all of the things so I must show it first.
MRRSP Premium
You're so right, Allan!

Being addicted to social media (Facebook, really) is what brought me here.

Night after night, after I put my kids to bed I would be on Facebook until I'd go to bed.

One night something hit me. I asked myself what I was doing with my life, what being on Facebook was doing for me night after night.

That's when I started searching for something better to do with myself. I had been doing some research and found out about affiliate marketing but the program was way too expensive to join at $4,000 US. Can you imagine how much that would end up being in Canadian dollars?! I didn't even want to know, it was too much.

I carried on with my search and found clickbank. After playing around with clickbank for a few weeks I was starting to think of getting into clickbank university since it was $47 a month. Then came another google search: is clickbank a scam?

I ended up on my mentors website, which spoke of WA so I clicked the link. I'm so glad that I did because here I am now, with an awesome community and great training. Literally everything you could be looking for to learn to make an online business!

Funny thing is, when I started here I completely ditched Facebook and I was happy I did but during the level 4 OEC I've had to get back into the social media and I hate it now. I love Pinterest but I dislike twitter and really don't like Facebook at all.

That's just one of the great things WA has done for me that came from being addicted to social media.

Geez, I didn't think I had written you a novel here instead of a comment lol

Reading your post has just made me realize how everything happens for a reason and in this case, the way everything unfolded brought me here and I feel much better about myself and what I'm doing with my life now.

Thanks for posting this and making me realize so many things at once, Allan!

All the best

P.S. sorry about the novel lol
SGerhart Premium
So funny
I just did the same thing on another post.
Wrote a book as a comment.
I was thinking while reading your reply I'm just gonna use mine as a starting point for a blog!
Yours sounds like a good blogpost for sure!
Cool how the more you write the more it starts to flow, and how the interaction inspires.
All the best!
allancurtis Premium
Thank you so much, Melissa ... that is a wonderful testament to what I was talking about! Affiliate Marketing is so much less demanding than MLM/Social Media marketing which can take over your entire life and leave you a anxious wreck! I hope at least one or two people recognize themselves and take action to reset their lives!
Congratulations on reclaiming your life!
MRRSP Premium
At the point where I said that I was writing a novel was where I realized that it felt like I was writing a blog and not a comment lol

I had way too much to say there 😂
MRRSP Premium
For sure, I totally agree! I feel proud to promote WA because it really is life changing.

Thank you for the kind words!
allancurtis Premium
Exactly ... I have ditched all my MLM business activities ... strictly affiliate and my own services! Have reduced my own stress and wasted time significantly! Life is much more enjoyable ...
allancurtis Premium
Shawn ... it is so true ... writing starts to flow naturally after a while! Always happy to have others contribute to the discussion! That is what makes it more interesting!
Swangirl Premium
I agree!!!! I grew up without even a TV or regular landline phone when I was young in the mountains. I think the constant demands of social media can be very unsettling. I catch myself wasting way too much time on it sometimes and it is so annoying. I realize I just wasted an hour or two.

It seems we will be missing out on so many important aspects of life if we are plugged in and spending our precious free time there.

I am SO, SO thankful WA teaches us how to get organic traffic to our sites so we don't ever have to be weighed down by social media for our businesses here!! It really works and save so much time. I have spent time on social media and it has never been worth the time for me compared to just focusing on organic traffic. Social media needs lots of babysitting. You need to post, check, share, respond etc. With organic search traffic, you never need to do any certain thing at any certain time. You put in some time but then you can get traffic literally for years from your content. I can leave it for a while and be ok. You leave social media for a while and you will have 0 traffic and 0 sales.
allancurtis Premium
Yes, I often think back to my childhood and the quantum shift that has taken place in society over the past 60+ years! We need to be conscious of this and get back to nature on a regular basis! For me, nothing recharges my soul like a walk on a deserted beach or a stroll down a forest path!