Last Update: November 11, 2015

I just finished the course 2 today and I confess...I am proud. I work every day on WA, building my websites, sharing tips, trying to help others members.

These last few days, as I am more confident with the website (how it works) my behavior with the members has changed a little bit. For example, when I see that I have a new follower, I take the time to read the profile, to write a personnal message and to take a look on the websites he (she) created. Reading your profiles and looking your websites let me think that there are incredible persons here so I have had an idea :


What is it ? It's simple : you offer someone to share an article on your website.

The Rule : of course, you have to be in the same niche.

How : 2 methods. The first one is to talk about a subject, and to share in your article a link to an article written by an other blogger. The second one is to offer (or accept) someone shares an article on your website. In the 2 choices, there is always a link to your website.

The benefits : more traffic, increase your social network and writing skills.

The good behavior : The guest, regardless of the method used, should say "thank you" , posting a comment on the Host blog.

I have already a short list of members I would like do that. I will contact them when my website will be "more friendy"....

Let's think about it ! And let me know if you have some tips, thoughts about it.

PS : I am not fluent in english. it's still pretty difficult to me to tell what I would like share. My english is so awkward. BUT ! reading, listening , watching in english is easy , and I understand everything (I guess !). don' t hear me ...

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Missa3 Premium
Just an FYI, Alisquit, your written English comes across very well. :-)

Alisquit Premium
Than you debra <3 !
mjdimarco Premium
Bonne idee. Ma francais n'est pas tres bien aussi.
Medica Premium
my situation is the same as Emmaus below, but the idea sounds good
Alisquit Premium
Of course. Build your will think about it later ...
Emmaus Premium
Thanks for the info about guest blogging. I haven't quite gotten there yet but it's something I plan on doing in the future.

This was a good reminder!

Alisquit Premium
you're welcome Bryan !