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December 11, 2015
Hello Everyone, I have a blog about beauty care and wellness. My idea is to share good advices and products good for Us. Mainly, my choices are organic products, non untested on animals, with a light composition. I try to find products made in my country or made in an other country but a special program for the community. I am also totally sure taking care of our skin is great but it's better is we eat healthy. So i am looking for someone who cooks good receits. Someone who eat vegetables, almo
Today is a sad day. I don't have words. Yesterday evening It was like in a nightmare. So difficult to sleep and in my mind it was not the reality. This morning I realize what happened and my first reaction was to cry. For the act, the victims, the families. In my mind, it's not just a terrorist attack - The fourth one in less than a year, in Paris and the suburbs - It's an act of war. I want just to say thank you for your kind words, your thoughts, and your prayers. No more words.
November 11, 2015
I just finished the course 2 today and I confess...I am proud. I work every day on WA, building my websites, sharing tips, trying to help others members. These last few days, as I am more confident with the website (how it works) my behavior with the members has changed a little bit. For example, when I see that I have a new follower, I take the time to read the profile, to write a personnal message and to take a look on the websites he (she) created. Reading your profiles and looking your webs
November 01, 2015
Hello guys ! I am french and ...not fluent in english. I mean I can write and read... I guess it's a good beginning. But sometimes my english is very awkward. Hopefully, you don't hear me talking english. I need to be so concentrated than I could look at you with "big eyes" and a few minutes after having a talk with me you will think "OMG, she is mad". No don't worry, I am not mad. Just curious, enthusiast, and ...happy to be in this community. Before being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I buil