Our Wonderful WA rankings.

Last Update: July 01, 2019

This is just for anyone that is so perplexed and upset(as much as I am) about these mysterious WA rankings.

I have gone down from 2212 to 2952(a whooping 740) since the first day of June. I have come to one conclusion. I must have done very bad things in the past 30 days. So, in conclusion I'm not paying attention to the rankings anymore.

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ExpatMark Premium
I was sitting at 42 six weeks ago and a Top 20 helper. I dropped to over 300 when I decided to "help" myself. What happened?

I went thru the Bootcamp a second time. I got my first referral on the 9th click on a site I started just a couple days ago (WA training works).

I have enough research and content written to probably do forty 1500-2000 word blogs. I have four websites that are all going to be profitable by the end of the month. I got my first two gigs building websites for friends businesses. I have 3-6 months while I am caring for a sick friend to spend 16 hrs./day doing nothing but working on my site.

I am going to Vegas baby!

alfredg1948 Premium
Thanks, Mark. You are correct, I'm also going to help myself.
Karin13 Premium

I have found that when I focus on my WA Ranking, I do less work on my sites. A high ranking in WA is cool, but it doesn't pay the bills! :)

Best wishes,
Karin :)
alfredg1948 Premium
You hit right "ON THE MONEY" Karin. Thanks for your comment.
Talk2Ray Premium
Don't let the numbers upset you, Alfred. Focus on the important things.
1st - training this includes the training programs here as well as the help you will receive as others post blogs to address various issues in affiliate marketing.
2nd - building your site, adding content, etc.
3rd - interact with others here. As you read blogs if they help let the writer know. Share your successes with the community by writing a blog.
In time your ranking will improve. Hope this helps.
Carson2 Premium
Hmm? I'm new, but chose to work on both. Time will tell with my choices. Good luck Alfred.
apache1 Premium Plus
Best to focus on your website rather than ranking that is where your income will come from.
Wishing you well

alfredg1948 Premium
That's probably why my ranking went down because I have been concentrating on my website. Thanks, Andre.
apache1 Premium Plus
Yea there are many reasons for ranking going up and down. Ranking just shows you your contribution to the community.

Some will go up as they become more active some will be overtaken along the way so will go down when there is no activity or not as much as others.

Also if you delete any blog posts you have here that will also affect your ranking.

Either way, just focus on your website if you can help within the community that is great or have a real reason to blog here rather chasing the status as some do

Just keep believing in yourself and always go forward and remember you are the one that counts not a number beside your name.