Some of the long-time WA members might remember the times when WA had a forum. Well, I somehow stumbled upon that old forum today and had a blast reading posts from 2007-2008..

I also found my own post from early 2008 and decided to copy/paste it here in order to share it with you:

First $400+ Day!!! (3 month at WA)

Hey Guys and Gals!

I have been a WA for at bit over 3 month... without any previous IM experience.
When I look at my CB account, I still can't believe it, but here it is:

2 bum sales and 10 PPC sales on $40 Adspend!

I guess putting time and effort into this thing does pay off :)

Ok now, I have to go rinse and repeat :)

Good luck to you all!


This post makes me smile because it brings back that initial excitement to me. However, it also brings back some other things I'd like to share.

When I first joined WA, I lived WA. I slept, ate and drank WA. Although I only spent a few hours a week creating stuff, I probably spent 60hours+ reading and learning. I went through thousands of threads on Wealthy Affiliate forum, I read and researched every single resource WA had to offer.

Then I would take action. Learn something new - apply it right away. Learned about SEO? Edit the site right away. Learn how to add images to a blog post? Edit old blog post and add images there. Action Action Action!

Back then I simply wanted to succeed and I was VERY motivated to never go back to a 9-to-5 job. That "hate" towards a "job" gave me motivation and I kept doing whatever WA told me to do until I made my first sale. Then I realized that I just had to keep doing whatever I am doing because if I made 1 sale I can certainly make more sales...

I might be repetitive because I have already posted in my other posts: TAKE MASSIVE ACTION as often as you possible can.

Do not try to create a perfectly looking website or find that one amazing keyword phrase - because perfect doesn't exist. The more time you spend looking for "perfection" the less time you have to take action.

I really hope this post will be helpful to some of you, fellow WA'ers.

- Alex

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DKMade Premium
I hate this exact same event happen to me 10 days ago tomorrow. I was with "another program" and I was out $100, out a week of my time and I still had learned nothing!! It was time to find a new solution and take a new course of action. Enter the Wealthy Affiliate.
^ days ago I started, 5 days ago I finished lesson 10. I would have been done sooner but I was fighting with "the other place" for refunds and chasing them everywhere. The best thing that I ever did was move here ever after being scammed.
I hope I can follow your foot steps and get this going!!
Tbarlow1 Premium
Thanks for sharing! It is very exciting to think of being done with training and having everything set up, and ready to go. I will be sharing my 1st commission with everyone in the community!! Just one step at a time. I am progressing well, and learning alot!! Love it!
RickD1 Premium
This was excellent for me to read. I guess I'm just impatient I work on WA day and night.

Learning acting, learning acting...well you get it.

After reading your post I know its just a matter of time and all my hard work will pay off.

Thank you for sharing...

All the best,
CindyWill Premium
Absolutely perfect advice! Take massive action...EXACTLY! I am one month new to this, and like you, completely absorbed in the material and learning as much as possible. Hours of my life are spent on WA but I feel it will be worth the effort! Thanks for confirming that it will be! :)
jazzysun Premium
Thank you for these nuggets of inspiration! The key is to take action! I get so lost in the learning process that I don't know what to do next. Thanks to WA I have been following step by step and taking action as I watch the training videos. It has truly built my confidence and enhanced my ability to understand a brand new field. Thanks for sharing!
Niemandtb Premium
Thank you for sharing you experience! It's exactly what I needed to see. I am currently in the 9-5 hate my job phase and the amount of drive and motivation i feel to create my own work and life is incredible!! So thank you for sharing and wishing you even more success.
PaulaLloyd1 Premium
Well this is what I needed to hear. I was on WA some years ago but got too overwhelmed. I have tried and failed since then and my life has taken a change. I hope that this works for me as it has for you. Congrats. on your success and hope to be in your shoes shortly.
1lindacarter Premium
Hi Alex,
I wanted to ask you, do you work with Click Bank? Is that what the CB stands for? If so I would like to know how you work the WA with the CB? I have been trying to figure that out so if you could help me I would appreciate.
Thank You
AlexSol Premium
Hi Linda, CB does stand for Clickbank.
I used to promote their products quite a bit 6-8 years ago but I have since shifted to physical products mostly.
1lindacarter Premium
Hi AlexSol,
Thank You for getting back to me about that. I was wondering how did that work for you? Did you have success with promoting the product, and how did you work it with WA?
Thank You
AlexSol Premium
Well yes, I did promote several CB products sucessfully. WA is where I learned everything (how to choose a niche, keywords, how to make sites, do marketing...) just follow the training and it can be applied to any platform or product. Marketing is marketing.
1lindacarter Premium
Oh ok thank you. :-)
TinyTot Premium
Awesome! I just started WA a week ago, became Premium 2 days ago and have the same drive as you did in the beginning. Learn, learn and learn some more! As a mom to an 8 month old, my time is precious. So I get up super early in the morning to hop on and soak up the WA education before my busy mom day starts. The more you know, the faster you'll grow. Thanks for sharing your success with us so we can be inspired to take action!
austria0007 Premium
I loved your post, I'm brand new at IM and starting from scratch!
What you said about reading for hours and spending a couple of hours a day on apply and creating stuff is exactly were I'm at now.
I thought I was just slow and the only one that did that, thank you for making me feel apart of!!!!
See you around Alex,
Kim123 Premium
Thank You Alex. Your story is extremely informative and inspirational. I keep thinking that my first page has to be perfect and writing it has been a struggle because I keep focusing on perfection instead of the ability to revise. Thank you for your post Ill try to just put it out their knowing I can fix it latter.
rolfkb Premium
Yes Alex, this is VERY helpful!

I am new to online marleting and reading posts like this show me that yes - this is possible, it is all dependent on ME. I have to take action and make the things I want happen.

Thank you for the advice! Now it is only for me to follow the advice and go and TAKE ACTION!

On a journey to online success!
kingshopper Premium
Hiya Alex. Great blog. So true... TAKE MASSIVE ACTION is absolutely key! Excellent sales during your first 3 months. I just wrote my 60 day blog yesterday. I hit $3.1K in sales by my 2nd month. I was stoked! Without religious action, none of that would have occurred. Great job. I can't imagine what your monthly ROI is today, but I am certain you have done extremely well for yourself. Congrats and prosperous wishes!
KimberleyN Premium
Thank you for sharing this post it is just what I need to hear. I am a mathematician so I always over think things looking for the perfect answer/content for the website, hoping to stumble on 'the formula for success'. You have reminded me to stop looking for that formula and just get it done.

Thanks again and hope you have many more successes.
Rappc88 Premium
Thanks for sharing this! It is great motivation for me as I am only two months into Wealthy Affiliate and I share the same motivation that you seemed to have with regards to not having to work the 9-5 job ever again. Congratulations to you on all of your success!
vescaBarca Premium
over 2 Gs in 15 Days ,,,, now i know that if i didn't go through with the training and studying,,, I would regret it for as long as live,,,,,
People need numbers,, we need confirmations that it DOES work to be convinced,,,,,,

Many thx Alex,,,
now I know what I gotta do,,,,mean i knew before but now i am 1000% certain

MForgacs Premium
I do something kind of like how you do. Even though I'm a full-time student, I put as much time as I can into doing WA. I really believe that with hard work, dedication, and time, I can succeed! WA has been amazing to me so far. I'm so ready to push myself to the next level and begin making good money for myself.

Your article is inspirational. I've only been here for about a month, and have only operated my website for about 2 weeks. I will work hard, continue doing what I have to do, and eventually start seeing results.
AlexSol Premium
Kudos to you for being a full time student and yet putting extra time into a business. This fact alone puts you ahead of 95% of others :)

Best of success!
rajs Premium
Thank u Alex, this post give me so much motivation. I got premium membership about 3days back. till now i don't get any ideas for how to start my journey here.But now i'm decided to go through the videos and courses of WA and then implement them with my aspect of understanding.Because "because perfect doesn't exist" right.. This word is much inspired me while reading your post.Thanks again.
AlexSol Premium
I am very happy to hear you were inspired by this post. And yes, going through WA materials, one by one, is the proper way to go ;)
businesspage Premium
Thanks for your post, It keeps me on "work every second you have for that, forget sleeping" it is hard, and it is extremely hard when you have to motivate yourself. So postings like this helps. Your experience is important, to see how to avoid mistakes, and what is to do to work in a niche - successful(!)
wish you the best from Hamburg (D)
AndreBurt Premium
I love this post. Especially about the "perfect" part at the end. I am a beginner and in my opinion I always thought that Perfection is an illusion. I love how we can grow infinitely. That's the main reason why I love to grow cause there is no limits! Great post and sending positive vibes to you on your journey.
AlexSol Premium
I am happy to hear you liked it!

And if you love to grow then this is definitely the place to be! I joined WA in October 2007 and I am still here, still growing ;)